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Back N Forth

Sep 19 2007 | BPM: 105 | Producer: Slantize, Beatg33kz
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31 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Smooth and silly club beat with whistles, saw synths, and 60s synth organs.

Moods: Silly
Genres: Club, Pop

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31 Feedback to “Back N Forth”

  1. Hey Those of you who place tracks on youtube without a licience is Illegal as I own the track licence

  2. it’s very good! but I don’t download =S Can you help me?…

  3. - -

  4. eiii bro sta muy bna thu pista …
    pro no se puede bjar cierto…. mmm bno te dejo buen beat brother
    like like :)

  5. check thiss !!


    ei brother and you manage to get that track is very good. I would like to know sime decircomo could download ok well I hope your answer, my msn is @

    @mc_dizzy, i”l add u in msn and i would get u this beat ….peace broo !!

  6. very good
    sanırsam turkiyede unlu bir rapci tarafindan kullanildi kulaga tanidik geldi :)

  7. this is awsome

  8. this is veRy good :D

  9. heyyy i am going to do a song next week plz can anywone give me a good beat plz slantize can you give me a beat for club plzzz i can’t find a beat plz if you can ….. Da’KinG

  10. abii bu ne jaa !! mukemal :D

  11. güzelll

  12. This is funnier than some commedians
    awesome job

  13. hey Slantize some one has stole your beat listen to the song here

  14. me and my bro need a beat just like back n forth homie!!!!!!!!! see what you can do for a brother,,,, bet! later holmes

  15. idk u but bro but this beat is fire…it gets people pumped up and u did straight raw wih it keep it up bro u fenna move up fenna move up

  16. Do we have to buy a beat here so we can use them for ourselves?

  17. Hey ur beats are fresh!! were a new hiphop group lookin for beats holla at us!

  18. Yo Slantize i would talk whit ya i’ve somthing to see ya please add me

    big up from France G!

  19. İt’s nice baby! (:

  20. thizzz…….thediggz. 5/5 flowy as it gets.

  21. this site is greaatttttttttttttt i could listen too it all night

  22. hahaha yeah shadow is so right i could hear some mac dre shit on this. RIP

  23. Homie this beat is awesome!! are u’ crazy man?? where u’ got the head when u’ made this???!

  24. this is really sick, y did you wait so long to release it? What i like so much about it is its extremely catchy and it slant and enzo’s part blend together very well. No hate but i like Enzo as Enzo. Not Todd Hamburger. Even though he aint wid u guys, u should still do some collabs…u kno

  25. the only collabo… this shit is a collectors item.

  26. this is sickkkkk, awesome enzo-slant collabo, i can fully see Mac Dre on this track, twista, t.i, so many ppl

  27. oh my god o.O

    thats really really nice!!!!


  29. hottttttt…and that’s all there is to say

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