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80s Baby

Nov 01 2007 | BPM: | Producer: hala-X
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54 Feedback

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86 BPM. Laid back beat with a twist of 80s feel through the funk bass. Sexy horns on the hook.

Genres: Club

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54 Feedback to “80s Baby”

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  28. Ahh what can i say this is a song annyone could relate freestyle rap or whatever on.

  29. how do you actually contact the producer I could really use this nigga someone write me. definately new to this.

  30. Club

  31. fam im lvin the track,, real talk im a singer and shitt i was like dammmmm killin the game holla back,,

  32. im feelin dis beat right here. i can rap to this shit anytime. nice work, n sick hook.

  33. nice

  34. like i said hala u ill

  35. programs name???please

  36. Tight ass beat, especially the hook. What program/software did you use to make the beat?

  37. Hello I have a question, Can I use a free application instrumentation for a song which did not sack any benefit? I hope the answer, thanks

  38. cool beat feel good

  39. what up sun, My name is Mecca, originally from the Bronx but now I’m residing in Reno , Nevada, we makin a statement out here for hip-hop, reason for my comment is that you are the dopest producer on shadowville sun!, Sinima is pretty dope too but you be killin it, 100% puro hip-hop beats!, I’m doin a album,(which will be handed out free), with just your beats, I should be done with it by the end of july… hit me up at, peace!

  40. Ima Hit This Up Youll See Youll Alll See Haha Hala Is A Beast

  41. yo hala-x you should make a beat with the zombies hit time of the season theres a part where its what your name whos your daddy and is he rich like me it would sound reallyyy tight if you made a beat out of that sample look it up on google, youtube, or frostwire

  42. it has on ol school feel to it for me i love how its so calm but the beat is banging, i could write hella shit to this man, i get vibes fro mmyself when i feel a good beat like thi sone, anywho i recorded a track to your other beat i checked out its called “beautiful” but the song was recorded on my buddys computer an he took it on me but ill get it back an send it to ya, its tight man…i give ya hella props, peace out

  43. nice 1 , i like it

  44. this aint no club beat but i could really ride to this shit….man dis beat is thowed!!!!!

    hit me up on

    add me yall!!!

  45. well..i dont own it but i OWNED it..haaa

  46. i wrecked this beat ..i own it and made it my

  47. born 1 - 25 - ‘84 here.. This kinda beat is right up my ally.. Str8 FUNKY! sick shit Hala, for real! respect!

  48. Nice sounds right here, bringin’ it back. I like the vibe, i could here some common and a singer on it.

  49. bro that beat is shit how da fuk can u liike it


  51. hala u killin um baby (lol trez i was born in 1990 but shit i still feel this shit!)
    FYA!!!! by tha way hala i know its been ages but hows the revises on that custom commin i finnally got my broke ass a new job

  52. lol most these muh fuckas wernt even born in the 80’s. i’ma crack baby haha

  53. got a tight vibe to it, with that whole “My Pony” feel
    Props, yeah, don’t know if these younger cats remember the 80’s (not dissin ya’ll) but a nice lil banger here!

    good one X

  54. how come this beat is 150-450 on the other site and 1000 here?

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