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Slantize Symphony Pt. II

Jun 02 2006 | BPM: 82 | Producer: Slantize
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20 Feedback

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Smooth symphonic strings with piano and a catchy xylophone hook.

Genres: Club, Pop, R&B

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20 Feedback to “Slantize Symphony Pt. II”

  1. who know some other web site for donlowding the diss love beats if u know pls send the adres of that tnx dear firend.its my adres .

  2. thats cool pls some others

  3. This is my fav out of the three sir.

  4. first right refusal is out the picture??? what about somethin wit restricted distribution.. put a reasonable cap on how many for profit uses I can push it with and I’ll work wit you via pay pal.. get at me..

  5. Definately my style…..excellent work man

  6. Damn dawg,

  7. I did something to it. It’s more for Southern Hip Hop than Club Hop. Well, the way Southern Hip Hop should be done. Thy Warrior Soul II is what I called it. I’ll re record with better quality because I really that my verses on that song.

  8. This beat is sick…so sick I made a video for it and posted it on YouTube, check it out.

  9. Abi gerçektende muhteÅŸem bir beat ne dediÄŸimi anlamasanızda yakında bu beat’leri kullanacam :) neyse bye shadow Ville pro :.::)


    WTF.. I Swear This is Against The LAws Of Quntium Physics.. Dope Shit Bro Keep It Up

  11. Symphonys are fly as a bird slant. sounds like s omethin lloyd banks feat. eminem would do.

  12. HOT BEAT…..all that needs to be said!!

  13. This Beat is a Knock, RAPPER’s (One’s with skillz) definetely not a club jam, but definetely make you bounce to this, eat an emcee raw too keep protein in your diet LOL Thats how you mangle this track… One of my fav’s

  14. ha! my bro said you’ll c alot of him wut a liar…lol…u’ll c alot of me….this is the first beat ive heard from this site and i fell in love with it no doubt….and i fell in love with slantize….not like that…i have respect for him…he’s doin my dream….i just love this beat….i want it


  15. Haha…oh man, DZK and his friend did a sick diss to one of their friends with this beat, what they did with the chorus was fucking nuts, so thank god the beat has a sick chorus…i like the symphony series

  16. Hey well yup this is more of a singer’s song then a rapper’s song. Matter of factly, it’s a singer’s delight. Slantize you one sickass composer!!!! Well I’m new to this website and you’ll see a lot of me so don’t you worry!!!!!


  17. it souns like toni braxton’s “please” song, but i still like the beat.

  18. I dont think this really fits in a club no matter how the rapper tries to make it sound. It does have a twist of speciality to it. I like it. Tops Slantize’s Symphony, the firs one, which isnt here.
    Id kinda give this a 8.9/10

  19. Love your Symphonies, Slantz! =)

    Would love this in better quality on the mp3.. Would’ve burned it on a cd just to have it with me anywhere I go!

  20. how do i listen to it?

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