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Self Respect

Jun 02 2006 | BPM: | Producer: Slantize
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26 Feedback

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84 BPM. Typical dark Shadowville piano beat. Very hypnotic keys over a very old school Mobb Deep-ish drum pattern. Grimey as hell. Strings and dark saw synth on hook.

Moods: Dark, Inspiring

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26 Feedback to “Self Respect”

  1. the best shit i heard in my life time yall pce

  2. Yo Shadowville - - - Slantize - - - … Can me and my cousin still use this beat even though it has been bought??? I mean we wrote some pretty mean shit to it… We downloaded this beat when it very first came out and shit… We really need to keep it up you know what im saying… It’s mind blasting how we’ve been able to keep our writing strong after we’ve made some shit to it… We don’t use the beat for profit or advertising… We just made a sick ass fucking song to it.. We downloaded the beat when it came out right… Some dood bought it we understand that… We just want to keep the beat for non-profit use… Know what the fuck WE’RE saying broskee?

  3. download plsss

  4. Can i buy this beat ?

  5. Keeping The Fucking Devil Musick Alive!

  6. Dis Ma Fav BeaT Man

  7. i’ma tear this shit up, tight as fuck like always man, keep tha raw shit coming!!!!

  8. this that horror hop shit

  9. güzel sayılır

  10. slantize, you’re piano’s always amazing but i think the drums couldve been a bit better, but still a great beat, 4/5

  11. Mad shit man

  12. this beat is off the chain, haha yeah i kno “off the chain” is throwback and corny but this beat is fuckin hottt shit man makes me think of my past and the bad shit ive done

  13. this is a crazy ass beat, u always seem to amaze me mayn

    i thaught of tubular bells wen i heard this

  14. The piano is off the chainz. Feel like lookin behind me to see if Michael Myers is there. Love the drum pattern, takes me back to the old days, and then the chorus comes in making it feel a little in the present. Great beat. 5/5

  15. i like the wide saw in the synth and drumz are hard as **** like erbody else said

  16. i agree wid soundwave, it really does sound like you in a dream, sick melody, betta not put it in ur car or u might drift off n hit sumthin

  17. Shit is Captivating, Makes you wanna just lay it all on the table!!!

  18. This is amazing

    the melody is just crazy

    - Truth Himself

  19. for me a beat the way it starts catches my attention, and how you started off with this beat was crazy cuz i knew i could expect something sick


  20. i don’t know how the fuck U Do this but it’s great, especially the drum underneath it

    Keep up the good work

  21. I agree

  22. niiiice -ass drums baby! Slantize came hard-as-fuckkk on this one. can throw em on earphones n go kill the fuckin neighborhood wit this ish playin man.. mad underground kill ‘em all type. Lovein its darkness.

  23. Daaaamn.. It reminded me about Mike Oldfields “Tubular Bells”.. :P

    Love that grrrrrrrimey sound!

  24. lol oh adp…

  25. When i first heard this, i was amazing how Grimey is it. I mean, this is your typical every day music for slant, but its soo different in everywhere way.

  26. This melody is fuck sick, it sounds like your in a dream lol

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