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Belly Button

Nov 11 2007 | BPM: | Producer: hala-X
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13 Feedback

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98 BPM. Sexy arabic club beat, but with a lighter mysterious mood.

Moods: Silly
Genres: Club

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13 Feedback to “Belly Button”

  1. Bu ne Lan !!!

  2. This Is Wey Hoot Melodyy!!!Idian!!

  3. its indian fo sure

  4. its not arabic its indian..

  5. hell yeah dope shit.. melody sounds like “busta rhymes arab mny”
    Fuckin dope beat ^^ 5/5

  6. The beat in the first 5 seconds is hot. where can i get it?

  7. …so its still hot

  8. Wu-Tang would kill this! What was the name of that joint they had back in the day that had this kind of feel to it?

  9. this beat is quite big excellent feel 2 it definately a fave

  10. Oh’s a good beat but it hasn’t the real flavour of Arabic style,I’m an Algerien which means that 1000 percent Arabic,may be it’s introduction only..that’s my opinion guys.
    Volcano /peace.

  11. yes thats true my bad what i should have said its not the type of arabic beat im use to hearing (is what i actually meant) but that its still a great one which is why i gave good rating

  12. Its more arabic than its anything else..thats why beat description says what it says.

  13. lol that was serrrrious, i got so excited at the beggining when i herd it was like YES arabic beat but then i was thinkin wait a tic this not hala style, then bam came in the rest of it, then i was like yes hala-x! the ONLY thing tho is once the bang came in the arabic flavour kinda reduced but still a good beat, gave a 4/5

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