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Without You

Nov 18 2007 | BPM: 81 | Producer: Slantize
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134 Feedback

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Sad and emotional piano sample. Powerful vocal hook.

Moods: Sad
Genres: Underground

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134 Feedback to “Without You”

  1. Who’s the owner of this beat? What’s his contact info?

  2. what was the sample for the hook? i heard the song on the radio once but didnt catch what song it was


  3. this is going out to all you fukin peeps shittin for a beat
    non of the producers of shadowville will send you their beats only because yall mothafukers ask them to send it to you if you really want it purchase it bithes!!!

  4. please send to me this beat !!!

  5. làm sao mà down về được…………….

  6. of ya indirmek için baska link yok mu /

  7. nice

  8. Please send to me this beat:(

  9. please pass me that I want I have a very good instrument to record letters

  10. Awsome !!

  11. Hey peeps if you wanna here the song I made to This beat check this, let me know your thoughts. (you can download it free)

  12. Check out the mother’s day music video i made with a shadowville beat.

  13. kankret is gorub aa bu gede :))))) olumsen qaqam opurem, :D

  14. hey could you pass this beat me because this is one of the best and heard
    and because he wanted to do a song for my girlfriend with this beat because it’s great
    could you please pass me

    thanks and peace

  15. i love this beat but i cant download it can you send me this beat

  16. To the dude under me..Really?? I heard it, and I have to tell you, that was the like simplest shit ive ever heard bro. Simple can be good but yo, That was not good at all. I wrote some good shit to this, But Im sure someone else has done it just as good if not better. Drop the ego before you start talkin, cus you just made youself look dumb. I did this track and it turned out wayyyy better. Thats word

    @antixx, Guess you have no way of knowing how many people I touched with the lyrics I put on that. Flow wise..yeah, it might be simple, but the lyrics are good. That song meant something, and this song is SUPPOSED to mean something. Now, as for making myself look stupid…where’s your lyrics? I see you made the claim that yours turned out “wayyyy” better…and yet there’s nothing to back it up? I’m pretty sure the only one who looks stupid right now is you.

  17. Hm. I wroe to this i 2008 (on a nonprofit mixtape)…I guarantee I’ve got better lyrics than anyone that’s written to it since then.

  18. This is a sample from “Almost Lover” by A Fine Frenzy. I’ve remade a beat almost just like it. problem is you need proper sample clearance if you ever want to actually sell the song…


    @3ck, its already sold so i think he got it haha

    @themessage, a couple years ago they were giving this beat away for free on soundclick. I snatched it then. I also tried to recreate it from scratch for the hek of it. wasn’t very hard considering that is almost entirely a sample except the bassline and the drums. I don’t know who ended up buying the beat in the end, but there are copies floating around. I think its one of the best beats made in a looooong time

  19. kot fare

  20. how I can d0wn this beat … >”< … :(( …

  21. i want this beat :(
    icq: 483 723 294

  22. Hey, i downloaded this beat back in 07 when you first made it. I loved it wrote probably 4 songs to it, but i never did nothing with it because I make my own beats so i dont have to worry about owning rights. But i was just wondering if this beat ever sold? or if there was any leasing available on it anymore? i got a sick song to it, i recorded it if you wanna here.


  23. ay dude what other beats with vocals do u have i really need some let me nko plz

  24. yearrr!! there are also many

  25. sick beat man, one in a million. keep it up.

  26. Nice!

  27. çokk güzel beat bunun gibi daha varsaa böylee güzell lütfenn yaRdımcıı olurmusunz

  28. i Need this beat … -.-

    icq : 302980313

    please add me

  29. best chorus

  30. oooh man
    i love this beat
    I searched all over this beat
    I leave you my msn and talk guy, I like to have

  31. ooo man
    i love this beat
    I searched all over this beat
    I leave you my msn and talk guy, I like to have

  32. Love da music a lot !

  33. i mean it’s real hard to think..
    fells so….
    i want to say anywords…

  34. another genial beat..

  35. albayhenry…. bu çocuğın sesi, senin anneni sikerkan öle bagırdı, o sesi de slantize şarkı yapmış hehehehhe…..yawşak)))

  36. dude yhoo always make drop beats bra…. fkin awsome… especially the chorus…

  37. :D bu ne lan bebek söyliyi :D

  38. ITS good i love this beat :**

  39. Zumeri ogry parazit… bu beatam çilaypsinahow elegry….

  40. Hello,I’m from AZERBAIJAN.

    So perfectly beat!

  41. i love how you can hear the choir in the backround during the beat, gives you that loneliness feeling…not meaning to be cheezy but I could just listen to this beat in my car, alone, relaxing and just think about the ‘what-ifs’ in my

    mean work brah

  42. wat up Slantize this is a firmez beat ima 1st timer but im trying to get notice but for now only ma close friend now me but yea i cant get tihs out of ma head long message but u should get more of these type of beats an vocal hooks like this one que-no?? pues anyways thanks for haveing time to read this meassage aratos

  43. this beat it amazing chours is great

  44. good beat!!

  45. great beat but that hook was wierd, like didnt fit there for some reason ,but still great

  46. Touching… 5/5

  47. good good

  48. bncde. süpeRRR.. !

  49. cokk manyak bi beat

  50. we murdered the beat here…

    we just did it like a week ago that beat is killin em…

    “without you”

    read the blog for it


    @900blk, heard your track you ripped it, i was diggin the 1st verse. do you think you could send me this instrumental? i’d really appreciate it..

  51. no doubt sick beaat mann

  52. can’t believe no ones bought this lol

  53. i like tha whole beat, think imma use this one. keep going slant

  54. good . good . good . good

  55. güzel

  56. are we allowed to rap over this beat and post it on youtube? Because technically it is Slantize’s work right? (read comment #27 unfidelz) Cuz i like the beat.. I wanted to do a Valentine’s rap for some people lol

  57. i heard this song on yahoo chat…. love this song ^^… goood

  58. luv it. come see wha i did to it
    h0lla at dat crazy white boi scrapps!

  59. ıt was good but ı was waiting for a better job

  60. very very very nice beat
    and we wont more

  61. This beats is a best!!!

  62. id put up 4 thumbs for this if i only had.. i remember when i broke up with a girl and this was a beat i was listening to all the time for a long time.. one of the most beautiful beats i’ve ever heard

  63. i busted some freestyles on this, crazy beat man, keep up the good work.

  64. Hey. .

    What it says to 03:09 minutes?




  66. i love this beat right here <3 :)

  67. hey is there anyway..if i buy this beat..the chorus can be taken out

  68. amazing bro

  69. good hard to rap to tho lol

  70. whats good with you fam i was wondering if by any chance you have other beats that have hooks on em like you do on this track

  71. very good

  72. Check out the track entitled,”On my mind”.


  74. i wrote something to this months ago. i absolutely love this beat its beautiful. i plan on putting it up on my myspace as soon as i record it.

  75. Make please even more thus beats under that lashes out go thank you Slantize

  76. With the beat you have excelled yourself he is the hammer feelings purely thoughts circle in my head creeps in the whole body you have it on it thank you for such beats only you this creates!!!!


  78. i mean keep it up

  79. this beat is dope man……wish i thought of it……keep it man

  80. I’m making a song this very minute about this song, im a vocal artist and i love making music, its literally my life,
    you no the vocals in this song
    Umm, whats the singer really saying?
    i cant really understand.

    Reply Back

    from Amelia-eve x

  81. Wow that’s an unbelievable hook I’m working on somethin to that beat right now.

  82. i wont give up couse this is my dream and
    i think your my way to succes if u let me use this beat ite member
    thats me ite hit me up
    ite latez

  83. you slantiz man look i got a offer for you
    but first i already added you on myspace
    my name is IZ DAT RIGHT {M.O.B}
    so look for me k
    alright hear it is
    if i do a good rap on this song with a friend or by myself
    u think i could use this beat so i could post on myspace
    and see if i could get noticed
    and maybe you could be my producer and become big
    what do you say
    ite ill let you think about it k
    hear is my myspace url
    but member this
    this is only my regular and i havent made a music myspace soo hit me up ite
    sorry for the long ass message hit me up ite

  84. this is straight fire

  85. only one word wonderfull


  87. Wonderful!

  88. oh my ga it’s so awesome

  89. Oh man…i wil do a song on this beat you are the man…the tuff beach…man slantize with this beat…oh man…i am form romania kip it up mna…

  90. shit i already got an idea for what imma rap for this song YADADA keep up the good work YEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. immma rap to diss one foe show

  92. Really nice job mate.



  94. Slant is a motherfuckin genius, and that’s all I gotta say…

  95. I luv that beat :D this vocal is amazing :D veeeery good job :D peace :D

  96. *bows down* This is exactly why I love Shadowville over Mister KA. im writing over this as a song to a girl I love.

  97. Dude, I feel this beat… best beat ever.

  98. I love that beat!
    peace from germany.. King Kreativ

  99. this beat is so of the best instrumentals to lace a love song w/ I have ever heard, right up there w/ Tonedeff’s porcelain

  100. Cok ii be

  101. Beautiful. Im not sure if were allowed to use this for anything but i think its gona be the song for our short film. Sick beat g, its blessed…

  102. I purchased a lease and did a song to this beat. It came out splendid. However, and this goes to anybody else who uses this beat, the creator of the sample, A Fine Frenzy, WILL NOT AUTHORIZE YOU TO USE THIS, EVEN ONLINE FOR FREE. I talked to Alison Sudol (the singer and piano player) myself. In her own words, she “does not like the sped up vocals” so she “cannot authorize the use of this” beat. SO TREAD AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  103. The best beat ever !!!
    I`m writing rap for my girlfriend, I hope it wil be so good as this beat !!!

  104. yea i remember this ecko,this beat is hard as hell i wana record with it brah, by the way people “Slantize” is my DJ =D

  105. man i love that beat! ive become a slantize/shadowville fan in 3 and a half minutes. sick hook. and love the keys!! 10.

  106. luv the beat

    sample is deep

  107. amnit!!! u took my beat idea!!!!! A Fine Frenzy Good Shit man!!!

  108. great beat….the vocals are from A Fine Frenzy - Almost Lover

  109. baba şok gözel :D

  110. write on this beat very fantastic

  111. dude! this is perfect

  112. deez damn vocals G.. very touching best shadowville beat since a long time

  113. This beat has been in ma head for lyk 4 days, i gess im not helpin it go away by listnin t it 100’s o times!

    Great beat, perfect chorus! Thanks Slantize!

  114. Yo ;

    its been said -
    but dude, this bet is perfect.


  116. Slantize u rock …its the perfect one

  117. niggaz this is best 4 me .only persian rap .soltan 031….only 2pac. BIG

  118. what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Only respect i can say at that works…good job slantize…i hope u feel so nice if u listen ur products huh? its great if u mind…and that product are created by u by u fingers…at last…

    i cant not goto the ocean
    i cant not drive the streets at nite
    i can not wakeup in the mornin
    without u on my mind

  120. i can not goto the ocean
    i can not drive the streets at nite
    i can not wakeup in the mornin
    without u on my mind

  121. what are the lyrics of the hook? I can catch most of it but not the entire thing…someone let me know please. Thankyou

  122. this beat is perfect and the chorus is amazing should be dopppeee


  124. good work slant and ain’t peeped ur shit in a minute but hey u still got it (:
    by the way lovin the new lay-out dawg and hey me and my homeboy
    tha ize cream man (repin kingston) but yea we were listenin to some music on the one of the music channels while we were smoking we… i mean drinking cream soda lol but yea its called “view of the acients in oak creek” its one of those sound scape instrumental things but i think u could sample it to make a dope emotional type beat idunno lemme kno wut u think man

  125. whowww.. i love this one.! that vocals…

  126. I love this beat.. The sample on the hook is so moving!

  127. exceptional. 2 thumbs up!

  128. Vocals on the hook are dope. Good shit, Slantize.

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