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Jun 02 2006 | BPM: 90 | Producer: ADP
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20 Feedback

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Very catchy synth chords and bassline transition with a bit of inspirational feel.

Moods: Inspiring
Genres: Club, Dirty South

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20 Feedback to “Monsters”

  1. very nice beat

  2. nice but why it sounds poor ?

    @untitlednick, cuz this beat is older than you probably lmao ahem, this is the early days of SVP’s sounds

  3. Great !
    Like it, but!… don’t know what to wrote for it. :D Thank you ! :)

  4. i will download this beat..thankz bro

  5. this beat is Ripped, beat is from a dutch rapper’s Jordan & Mafe and the track
    name is Jong Geleerd, Jong Gedaan. Watch It By Youtube : Jordan & Mafe - Jong Geleerd, Jong Gedaan

  6. This is Fire ADP keep droppin beatz like these!!!

  7. My top ADP beat righ herr

  8. this is still my favorite iinstrumental ive heard from adp

  9. ADP is showing his true talent right here on this beat. This ain’t off no Presidential Shit, man Lil Jon got that beat after he heard this beat! Great work!

  10. man i love this beat..its lil’jon-ish…cant fuck up on this one ppl…yeah dude ur my second favorite person in shadowville pro mane!!


  11. great work…the synth’s bangin’!

  12. ADP your a genious when it comes to crunk beats great work

  13. When talking about synth beats and blazin hot crunk joints, nobody can compare to ADP…off the hook bro keep it up!!!

  14. Presidential shiit, George buuush, how we do it how we do it like biiill
    get crunk big big big bigggg
    yo ADP. that synth is yours. Straight up Lil Jon and awesome sounds man. conventional drumline, nice flip off a melody, great for younbloodz, sean pauuul.
    Demands a tight-ass chorus and some crunk voices.


  15. this is what im talking about CRUNK

  16. ohh god man
    adp is back after a long time i missed your old style
    this shit here is damn hot

  17. “I demand more ADP!
    The Synth God”

    I totally agree!!

  18. yeah man adp is back!! keep droppin shit like this… power man pure power….

  19. I demand more ADP!
    The Synth God

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