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It's My Turn

Jun 03 2006 | BPM: 96 | Producer: Slantize
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21 Feedback

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This is a very different style synth southern beat. Has a very catchy main melody and allows room for a singable hook.

Genres: Club, Dirty South

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21 Feedback to “It's My Turn”

  1. muy buena

  2. good music

  3. nice this one is no bad

  4. Yeah !
    That is what I mean by “different”.
    It has something… not normal for a beat !
    Awesome !
    Lookin’ forward to listen beats like Missy’s Elliot
    Thank you !


  6. chidoooooooooo

  7. it’s preety good

  8. its pretty koo. but not someting i would use

  9. yo that “it’s my turn” is hot and i like the way it is like boom all in your ear!

  10. This beat is fuckin tight hey listen im thinkin bout making a cd to raise money 4 my schools music program if u can hook me up wit a beat like this ( a mix between fresh and Jon) that wud b ill look if u cant itz ok much luv keep um commin!!!!!!!!!!! e-mail me w/ a response

  11. magic…. how u do it!?!?!?!?!??!/!/1/

  12. the download link is not working for me.

  13. this is really nice, its so intense, like some guy that wants his spot back, or some newcomer fightin for the top….the old 50 cent would use this to rise to the top

  14. energetic beat,nice blend of instruments.

  15. Really Hot Track! Guaranteed to get the spot hoppin.. whistles are perfect where they are and how they hit.. dont listen to any1 else.. doesnt need to be structured perfectly sound… im feelin it

  16. the whistles are dope…but slightly…off.

    fire beat.

  17. So energetic

  18. Nice crunkin funkin beat. The whistles sound crazy in the begginin of the beat, but when they blend in with the rest of the instruments, the sound outta place. Thas the only problem. the drum drive is great. Good job done.
    A beat if there was one.

  19. what happend to that fire ht hook i heard??????

  20. This has to be one of my fav beats from billy well almost favorite. Its soooooo hot and amzing, i haven’t heard no beat like this ever!!!!! and ohh yea its dramatic too…

  21. Wow I heard the sample for this like almost a year ago, nice tho

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