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Once Upon A Lifetime

Dec 12 2007 | BPM: 90.00 | Producer: hala-X
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11 Feedback

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A very emotion provoking beat that brings out those reminiscent of the past feeling. Soft oboe and wind effects.

Genres: Underground

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11 Feedback to “Once Upon A Lifetime”

  1. II love your beats, happy to greet the record is not the Polish

  2. good stuff

  3. Mang, all i could say is that the beat was so inspiring, that it got me writting a song. I do not have the best equipment, but I try to record things here and there. If anyone has any advice send me a message or want to collab. Thank You Hala-X. I hope you do not mind me using this for something. I’ll send you something your way if you do not mind, I really want to record to this.

  4. yes what Blind says its like Dmx - Slippin

  5. damnn.

  6. this beat is like ´Slippin´by DMX

  7. wow thats all i can really say… just wow u kill um on every joint

  8. Lotus dropped some hot shit over this …

    Story telling type beat..

    This beat almost reminds me of Nas’ surviving the times…

    nice job Hala

  9. this sounds like some 90’s shit. perfect for nas.

    @tim treezy, byguiothgñlgl

  10. This beat has a real nostalgic feel to it. Reminds me of a real happy and chilled out stage of my childhood. Loving this shit.

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