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Hell House

Dec 23 2007 | BPM: | Producer: Slantize, 2Deep
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47 Feedback

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93 BPM. Extremely dark piano composed and then chopped up. Grimey ass drums laid on top. Definitely on some murderous tip. Collabo with 2Deep.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Frantic

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47 Feedback to “Hell House”

  1. You wonderful support you

  2. this is better

  3. check this ——>

  4. crzzy

  5. dope u two colabed

  6. i loved using this beat check out House on Moores Street ft. Lil Rudy Boy, Im on second verse and chorus

  7. Weird, Anno Domini claims this same beat..

  8. dope!

  9. one beat for me pls

  10. Haiiiiii Peace

  11. Nice beat

  12. OMG OMG OMG thats all i want to say ….

    U ROCK Slantize …

    Lotta Propz heading ur way Homez….

    Holla at ya boy ….

    Patrick Aka big-one

  13. that’s really good beat (Y)

  14. woooooooooow this is realy sick beat but damn good

  15. 2 dope but why is lil wayne the similar artist style. he wouldnt even know how 2 handle something this ill.

  16. arghhhhhhhhhh the monster in me just came out

  17. damn man i know rappers in Holland that use beats from you

    keep doing it man

  18. hello if i want to send money to u guy how can i send it?

  19. imo all of slantize,2deep beats have the same drum pattern i mean switch it up every once in a while, not hating on it but it needs a new drum pattern, but alright track


  20. this shits crack homie damn bruh slantize be killing em

  21. the best part is when ref. is about to happen and piano is like it is stuck

    great job man

  22. 2 step

  23. fyi, this is composed, not sampled

  24. good job men full respect

  25. good job men full respect \\//

  26. good job men | full respect \\//

  27. esta bien dura papi

  28. badboy

  29. nice beat

  30. this shit is HOT!

  31. Bibbity Bop

  32. this is sick, y didnt i comment on this???

  33. is beat very nise good

  34. i like gangsta instrumentals ..;) and i like this beat

  35. That’s wright, role that thing, c…

  36. hell houz is the shiet
    keep up the dark beats!!

  37. :)

  38. khodast

  39. fuck this sounds grimy and evil.
    its fire.

  40. This beat should be in the top ten, fo real. Some motherfucker is bitchin on the new beats, seriously… this one is pimped. Get some more 5s up in here bitches!

  41. ayo shits hella sick i cant wait to do somethin to it lol you should really start doin more dark beats

  42. damn the slantize and 2deep collab is producing some of the best beats I’ve heard….this one is on point! Great beat.

  43. Slantize! U should also be known as The Piano Man.. U and them sick ass piano’s u do on your beats.. Shit is allways banging!!! Great work!

  44. Deadly blend of Murda Killin UndaGround,,,

  45. beautiful composition, this is awesome

  46. rawkz =)

  47. Wow…this beat is disgusting.

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