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Jun 03 2006 | BPM: 85 | Producer: hala-X
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32 Feedback

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Very hypnotic sample, with eerie but beautiful woman’s voice over pianos.

Moods: Dark
Genres: Underground

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32 Feedback to “Beauty”

  1. ok i see u

    welcome to web beat irani
    من یه اهنگساز 18 ساله سبک رپ همستم
    اگه میخاید اهنگامو بشنوسید لطفا به وبلاگم یه سر بزنید

  3. fuck what everybody say cuz - i grew up into this shit and AYO - this beat i been searching for since i first heard it back in 07 - ayo hala x - you do your thing well - nevermind them dickriders fam . one

  4. this is a hot beat but i dont like wat u did with it at 1:00 that really messed it up but everything else hot as hell

  5. i’ll being using this one for sure!

  6. I was first listening to this when I first saw it. I was like this Man this beat is good

  7. you are so good:D

  8. wow the beats are good beats are good every hello write here because I need and I have beats of reggaeton beats of gangsta underground hip op and tell them that this great ideal but most bats Quie Reggaeton listen to see if they can do and go for ma Reggaeton beats

  9. ayo what comes first? i am having a hard time figuring out the beat. is it chorus first? or verse first?

  10. this is the shit real talk

  11. Veryy good beatss thanxss maan..:D:D

    and im talkin bout the new adamack, hamburger etc.. man hala-x this shit is 4real !!!!

    @2b, zumerchas

  13. neta menn kk esta loko
    elll beat we
    sopazs ahi luegooo
    xcierto mm
    komo podre descargarla men

    kamara dj zOeCk

  14. i definetly hear sum ja rule clap back to a key in the backound

  15. this beat is sick as hell. smooth n just perfect 2 spit a continuous flow on.

  16. this beat is just….Beautiful….

  17. ayo i already have a track recorded to this beat an it sounds good… i love this beat.. you make good beats man,, keep em coming….mad props on this joint

  18. “A Beautiful Mind?” Heh, I was reminded of “What Lies Beneath” when I heard this.

  19. yeah sins58 you’re right, especially that amazing “oooo” and some sounds in chorus are also in “Boss”. The album “Aggro Ansage Nr. 1″, which contains this song, was published in 2002, but I dunno when hala-X produced “Beautiful”. Who was first?

  20. this samples was used by bushido (a german rapper) -> Track Name : Boss


  22. uhh, straight stole the choral ambience from the opening track of the film “A Beautiful Mind.” How can you sell this? lol

  23. odd but it worx kid…nice piano hits dog


  24. i dunno why i gave it this name, its 20% beautifull and 80% eerie

  25. this song is beutiful

  26. liking this man.. nice pace.. nice vocals.. i’d rap to this anyday

    nice work

  27. haha nope

  28. I agree the intro is fire, very eerie indeed

    I too also like what you’ve done with the outro

    Ur right, the track is “Beautiful” hahaa

    Tell me if I’m correct,,,,

    is that Ja Rule’s Clap Back I can hear?

  29. fucking dope beat man…the chorus is the best part of this i should say and what you did with the outro in my opinion was nuts too

  30. love everything about this one…especially that piano.

  31. Maaaan the intro to this beat is fire fire fire and flames. this beat is exactly what its title says. Rules the underground show. Sounds like an AOTP banger, n Im fuckin lovin it.

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