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Get Ya Game On Pt. III

Dec 31 2007 | BPM: | Producer: Slantize
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13 Feedback

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115 BPM. A mix between dance, pop, techno, and hip hop. Gated synths throughout the beat and square leads on the hook. Guitar changeup on third verse.

Moods: Happy, Silly
Genres: Club, Pop

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13 Feedback to “Get Ya Game On Pt. III”

  1. good

  2. Cool:)

  3. you are the best man! i like your beats.

    Pz! //Högga

  4. woah. I’m writing to this., hello, do u still have the beat? watin your reply thank youu

  5. Love it slant

  6. No the beat got stolen from Timbo boy.. nah.. lol just kidding

    This is the most compllicated moledy ive ever heard nice work slin you are my boy

  7. This is a beautiful track. I love it

  8. i wanted to know how you got that phased effect on the synths? and what software was used? i love this beat, i think it’s much better than timberlands played out shit.

  9. ohh yea I forgot about this hot melody! Damn its damn hot now!

  10. 5 stars homie. Slant uve been slackin on ur club bangers lately but u killed this! If u showed this beat and said Timb stole it u would be rich by now!! FIRE!!!!

  11. this beat is the hottest beat ever. ITS RIDICULOUS. mad props and you must have been pissed when u heard timbo’s track.

  12. Also, for those of you who think this sounds like Way I Are style by Timbaland, I actually made this beat before it came out. Just never released it.ADP can confirm this. :P

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