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You Never Know

Feb 20 2008 | BPM: 115 | Producer: hala-X
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39 Feedback

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Guitar and string sample on some laid back, reminiscent, or even romantic tip. Lupe Fiasco or Jay-Z style.

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39 Feedback to “You Never Know”

  1. Wow…. Just wow.. Absolutely amazinggg! I fell in love with this beat the second it came on.. Words can’t describe the beauty of this beat. I closed my eyes and felt myself leave for a bit, not sure how to explain it but yeah.. It breaks my fucking heart it’s unavailable! Hala we need more beats like this! This is that life changing shit… Damn I’m still listening to it over and over again it’s perfection at it’s finest. I love the string instruments you’re great with those! Much love from Cali, peace.

  2. Not good

  3. Amazing.

  4. sh qija ropt….

  5. it sounds so nice..:)
    is there any way, where i can get this Beat?

    greets from Germany

  6. i want this beat why can’t download ???

  7. this beat its roooolz!! i lov this beat!! i from poland and send big respect for you!! plizz send me this beat !!

  8. dis shit fye keep doin what ya doin

  9. Porco Dio !!! Amazin’ 5/5

  10. Please help me download this beat !!!

  11. this beat is a serdar ortac - günah!!!

  12. Why can’t people download this track?


  14. WOW

  15. This beat is the bomb not to fast but not to slow its an awesome mixer of instruments and a comment to jigsaw7 it kinda does. i love it. ill give it a 5/5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I don’t get it how you’re supposed to rap on this.

    I love the beat though. 5/5

  17. very the smoothness..THANKS!!!

  18. Nice,
    Tricky to spit on thisone,
    but very nice for a R&B song.
    keep up the good work,


  19. Halo X Good work . Appreciate you what you do with the beats. stay focus. and to yung Indo No disrespect but I seriously don`t know what you were thinking on this beat. but stick to your day job. real shit…

  20. جاجي به مولا عالي بود دمتون گرم

  21. kool~

  22. Yung Indo’s track is trash

  23. I Love this joint

  24. damn! i gotta admit! it was a hard beat 2 rap on, but it wuznt impossible! i made a song out of it, kept the name as you never know

    check it out and tell me wut u think

  25. gotta admit, it was hard rapping to this song, but it wuznt impossible! lol if u guys wanna check it out, its here

  26. Fucking Nice Beat.

  27. we concur

  28. this is a nice beat for some real heart felt lyrics…i like it

  29. i fucking love this!!!!!

  30. C’mon Man this is ripped from Tsuki no Uta by Gackt !!!

  31. The tempo is a 3/4 waltz pattern…. you need write a 3 count tempo for your rhymes

  32. this beat is beautiful..reminds me of Kingdom Hearts lol

  33. I can’t get over this beat. Honestly, this really isn’t rap, this can be a very powerful R&B song. The instrumentals are everywhere it definetely needs a powerful voice to match. Amazing!

  34. i agree with zmazim you gotta be switching up the flow every now and then but its a damn good song and fun to write to…one of the best i’ve heard so far

  35. amazing beat .. but damn hard to flow on …

  36. very Lupe, hook is nuts

  37. gd beat

  38. i think this would be a perfect track for one of those 2pac returns kinda tracks lol……..either way, 500/500, this one got me seriously attached to the vibe

  39. ok this is a damn nice beat!

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