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Last Requiem

Feb 22 2008 | BPM: 73 | Producer: Slantize
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23 Feedback

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Slow, dark yet depressing melody using choirs, violins, pianos, and guitars over steady paced drums.

Moods: Dark, Epic, Sad

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23 Feedback to “Last Requiem”

  1. Take ya medicin(the hit)

  2. i made a song to this 5 years ago

  3. i need the rights to this who owns them??? i need to get in contact with them..does cryptic wisdom own it??

  4. It’s a very, very, very, very, very good beat!


  5. Cryptic Wisdom killed this beat.

    @Slantize, how do i find Cryptic Wisdom’s song?

  6. i can say only perfect!


  8. you should check out cryptic wisdoms verses to this. his make the beat that much better

  9. fuck of mann..!

  10. EnnHaaaaaaaaa lol good shit slant


  11. i did this beat, its black magic mannnnnnnnn., visit my page..its called”All About The Scrilla”peace out 1

  12. I recorded a song to this beat, its one of the best so far slantize,if yall wanna hear it pls visit,, its calle”All About the scrilla”peace out 1

  13. totally down my alley. 5 stars

  14. Oh yeah, I’m definitely feeling this one.

  15. love it love it love it man

  16. Depressed,, but still hopefull beat I think…So we can make it don’t give up:P

  17. I loved this tune.,
    so depressing yet good for the mood.

  18. this is a cold beat

  19. this beat is perfect is almost on an old slim shady rock bottom/if i had a million dollars tip, i love it, definitely spittin on this one, MORE LIKE THIS!!!

  20. Damn Slantize Is The best. This Beat Is sure To Hit a Classic Song. Already Downloaded.

  21. So depressing….

    I like the chorus.

    Good job Slant.

  22. wow this beat is depressing….did someone die?

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