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Midnight Opera Pt. III

Mar 02 2008 | BPM: | Producer: hala-X
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30 Feedback

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81 BPM. Soft, mysterious piano and violin beat. Sad, dark, inspiring, powerful, and beautiful.

Moods: Dark, Inspiring, Sad

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30 Feedback to “Midnight Opera Pt. III”

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  3. Yeeeeeeeeeea.
    Nice Beat Men :)

  4. nice sheaT :D

  5. Hell yeah!!

  6. -__- thats an anime music : Le Portrait de Petite Cossette - Regret you just had a little change

  7. mükemmel ötesi…

  8. sick as fuck yo!

  9. Rage617 murdered this.

  10. Hay… that’s so cool. 5×5

    And i find the midnight opera II. on a youtube, but it mixed Eminem-Lose yourself…
    Can anybody help me? Where can i fint the midnight opera II. offical version :) ???

  11. Where did Midnight Opera II go??
    hit me up at
    I really want that beattt!!

  12. what happened to Midnight Opera II???
    Hit me up at…
    Reeeeally want that beat!!

  13. This beat is sick, wrote three 16’s like nothing, just one of those beats easy to write to. good work

  14. Sorry..i don’t speak english..I from PL..haha
    GooD BeAt..
    PeaCe :]

  15. awesome! fucking great work

  16. amazing

  17. Where is that voice sample on the beginning of Midnight Opera Part II from?

  18. çok ii

  19. Fucking awesome. I didn’t think part 3 would turn out this good, but I must say I’m impressed. Good job. 5/5

  20. Heyo Shadow,dat’s Volcano….where is the 1st part?I mean the part one?Didn’t you make part one?

  21. it’s pretty good but i wasnt feeling the chorus so much. midnight opera 2 was the shit. i laid down a sick track to that beat. but i dont think i could do the same with number 3. see wat im sayin? its still a good beat though dont trip.

  22. This beat is hot as fuck, its sick how its chopped up and the orchestral part is a nice touch.

  23. to me this is the most epic shit ever it tells a major story in the hook alone with no vocals then you got so much room to get lyrical on the verses.

  24. Yo Hala.. outta all da shadowville producers..
    u da illest, in my opinion.
    but yea fam do u . cuz u are wats apperently hot my nig.
    1 love


  26. this is sick

  27. ….magnificent….was waiting for this one Hala

  28. really good really creepy really powerful….man this beat has so many emotions to it, hala great work man, this is AMAZING!!! 5/5

  29. i like this one, also part 2 but i think this is a little more ilL.

  30. HOLY SHIT!!! All i can say is WOW!! great fucken work hala!!!

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