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What Is Your Name

ON SALE: $199 | BPM: | Producer: hala-X
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13 Feedback

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88 BPM. Uptempo rock, soulful sample. Suitable for the Kanye, Jay-Z, even Diddy type rapper.

Genres: Underground

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13 Feedback to “What Is Your Name”


  2. wayyyy under rated…. sick ass beat! 5/5

  3. yo this so sick bro i cant really hear what the hook is sayin

    @lilbreezy, Ha get ur ears checkd then bro… it says WHATS YOUR NAME! lol

  4. yo this beat is hot man. i’d bump it. hell i’ll hop on it

  5. daym man..How..How can u do beats like dis..Daym man..Massive..Aly
    All da way from Cairo

  6. This trakk kicks ass I musta listened to it about 50 mil times since you released it keep up the good work

  7. its a sick beat but how come its been rated low

  8. maybe since this isnt a club beat or w/e this is rated so low but this shit is fire! and like jam said i cant relax to this beat.

  9. i like the fact that this beat is perfect for getting a message out to the world , HALA -X HAS DONE IT AGAIN! woo, great work, beat is under-rated!

  10. Ok this is sick, homie! I’m really feelin this beat, dunno about relaxin though - it had me bouncin around the room like a spring-loaded ping-pong ball. Fire!

  11. This goddamn beat is soooo fukin hard. My damn eyes start watering. Damn Hala, you are killin em. I normally don’t even write comments. But fuk! You got to when you hear this shit. Off the damn hinges!!!!


  12. This sounds like sumthin Hi-Fly would make…..But its SICK!!!! really relaxing

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