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Jan 27 2007 | BPM: 89 | Producer: Slantize
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24 Feedback

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Soft and light piano and violins. Romantic strings on the chorus.

Moods: Inspiring, Sad
Genres: East Coast, Urban

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24 Feedback to “Caress”

  1. merciii i love it

  2. what a Beat

  3. sound like and immortal technique beat or sumtin he would spit on, very nice

  4. it is superb.thanks

  5. im on a mission for freedom, live my dreams-awake
    il defy-emprers. survive-endless time-testers
    iv been a winner ever since my mothers first trimester
    and il swear it to you now ‘one day im gonna clime-everest’
    know-it, im awesome. be with me and you’ll live-like-a-queen
    i think i must be sweet as honey cos you sting-like-a-bee
    n babe, i never serenade cos i sing-like-a-freek
    but when i put the pen to page. im a freekin machine
    iv got to many ambitions, but i know who i am.
    and imma champ. no matter-of-fact, imma dragon
    breathin combat, im an elephant-stampede to splatter you flat
    sleep on me? thats one hell-of-a-bad-dream
    im glad-see. im livin when i bang-on-the-track
    and you ever wit-it you desearve a pat-on-the-back
    but no matter what you love, do your best and you’ll stand-free
    hold my hand-G, theres nothing in this world you cant-be *bang*

    to the dreamers. you will succeed just stand-in-place
    your the only one you’ll ever need just have some faith
    and fuck the haters in ya way you just cant-escape
    but how the fucks the sky the limit when theres a man-in-space
    imagine the place inside-of-ya-self when you try-to-excell
    whether you fight-for-the-belt or just cryin-for-help
    and i dont fake-my-screemings on the mic-when-i-yell
    so imma face-my-demons armed with the bible-in-hell

    @nomad834, nice verbage

  6. süper bi beat halal olsun xD

  7. helal olsun

  8. The hook reminds me of the movie “Top Gun”. Nice job btw

  9. dam kool dude

  10. Nice

  11. slant
    yeah boi
    5 stars outa the park

  12. Incredible. Who knew such a thick beat would blend with classical strings and a simple piano riff. This is the sickest shit to have 89 bpm.

  13. i wish I could re rate this..I’d give it 5/5

  14. man that shit was awesome pretty good job slantize

  15. omg


  17. oh shit this one is hard as fuck

  18. It’s a very simplistic beat..but oddly I really like it, which is just kinda weird since I love the layered intricate shit


  19. :P Slant you are my idol :P

  20. very cool… i see a female voice on this mixed with some tight skillz for me =P ;) propz @ slantize

  21. Damn, lovin this beat Slant! The melody is very beautiful

  22. nice and simple with a very good beat, sick

  23. how could nobody comment on this fucking song is amazing . !! .. gud job slantize ..ur very talented

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