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Hands Off Me

May 12 2008 | BPM: | Producer: ADP
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12 Feedback

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76 BPM. Crunk ATL style beat with a somewhat of a grimey mood.

Moods: Angry
Genres: Club

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12 Feedback to “Hands Off Me”


  2. Tight bass

  3. Hey adp definatley gonna buy this beat, because of it i passed my course in media studies as i had to produce an album of different styles of music and i used this beat with my own lyrics as my rap piece because i only usually write metal so writting rap beats would have taken way to long as its so different, alot of people liked it because it was so in your face angry and i just said yo dude go to shadowville for amazing beats lol but yea man thanks 5/5

  4. hey hangmnslough guy. that mix was tight this beat is tight. meaning good, for your professors, all except for that little glitch in your matrix right at the end. anyway I give this beat a 5/5

  5. hey adp loving the beat
    i put some lyrics over the top of it for my music producing practical for my college course
    would love some comments to tell me what you think, its more rapcore than rap
    thanks anyway, Hangman

    the link is

  6. ssup adp
    this one is unique and interesting

  7. oh snap! : o

  8. sorry, link is

  9. Hey, check out my “Who the F**K is That?!” remix I made using this beat, it’s fire!

  10. this will be destroyed >:)

  11. I already started writing to this the other day.

  12. Nice Job ADP!!! Stay up man u on Fire.

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