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Deja Vu

May 26 2008 | BPM: 88.5 | Producer: 2Deep
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35 Feedback

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88.5 BPM. Sad and gloomy guitar based beat with distant violins.

Genres: Underground

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35 Feedback to “Deja Vu”

  1. gf

  2. Dis beat blows ma bunkers… too sad i could not download it. Keep it coming bro… U HOT!

  3. hi, could you send it on my mail ?
    I had already, but I lost it by formatting the computer


  4. send it to my mail,

  5. Hello!! If (or) send it on my mail thanx!!!

    Elo…Nie masz moze takiego bitu jak The Quiet Exit lub Memories of You… Probuje je jakos dostac…

  6. thanxx

  7. Dejavu? It sounds good……

  8. +2
    Good beat

  9. dvadvanulia7, +1) pizdato!!))

  10. 2deep means quality.. (y)

  11. The sound of this one is crazy… You just gotta luv it!

  12. Great work maaan…. nice.. respect 2 deep

  13. cool!!!!

  14. great!can i use it?

  15. yo this shit is fire 2 deep i want you to hear the chorus i got for this u got an email?

  16. Good job

  17. Pizdato!

  18. that beat is hottt yo.

  19. Ya GoTtA HeaR WhAt I DiD To ThIs InsTRumental.
    Check it out on
    ThE TrAcK is Calld MuSICK. Let me KnoW WhAt Ya ThInk

  20. please, another beat like this, aiiiiiiiiiiight !!! great !! this is a really nice beat, like we love it in france,

  21. It’s a really good beat but i think the instrument at the beginning could be a tad longer

  22. Yo man. I love this beat. And all the others you have put up.

    Just a consideration, when the beat really gets going, you leave the piano in. It sound’s kinda off, so I would recommend takin’ in out. It’s like really really silent and I only noticed it the 2nd time I listened, but it gets to you.

    Dope stuff tho.

  23. this is an amazing beat. all ur beats (so far) i can totally rum with.

    keep holdin down dat good shit

  24. I actually listened o this while writing this text battle here

  25. straight up hott, def goin make something with This. the club beats were becomming a lot but this is fresh air. keep up the great work

  26. PeRfeCt ^^ ResPECT

  27. ^ hes lying, we all know he dances to your beats in his undies

  28. back to underground… finally… was about time something changed… all these club beats were driving me crazy oO

  29. 2deeeeeeeeeeeeep……..

  30. 2depp……….

  31. Ahh, this shit is bonkers!! haha, thats raw as fuck you got 2Deep to work with the illest team of beat makers! And another producer joining the click too?? omg u guys are gonna drop nothing but FIRE!

  32. finally got my hands on this beat! lmfao, great work 2deep

  33. its actually by 2deep, the initial author name was a typo

  34. Nice work Slant, man you did it again homie!

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