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Target Practice

ON SALE: $200 | BPM: | Producer: 2Deep
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15 Feedback

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91 BPM. New York style underground beat with a dope flute sample and chopped up piano for the chorus.

Moods: Dark, Sad
Genres: Underground

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15 Feedback to “Target Practice”

  1. hey this beat is sick can anyone send it to me at

    @env3yt.e.a.m, You can donwload it, can’t you?

  2. ^^^^nigga this aint youtube lol^^^^^

  3. warrior, flames from the tip of my tongue
    are still the biggest things to blaze since japan had been hit
    more than equipt, imma force to be gripped,as nothing more
    than a form of war in the midst of all that exists
    like im an ork from the cores of the gorriest-pit
    or spawned in labritories from a portion-of-skin
    ripped from paws-of-a-glorious-fictional beast
    born in a dream, from-the-thoughts-of-the-naughtiest-kids
    ignoring-the-risk? im the ball like where ya cornia-sits
    within ya thoughts leave u wetter then the horniest-bitch
    morph-into-things you couldnt fatham when i launch-in-the-winds
    for the glory-within i sore my kingdom with notorious-wings
    im in the depest emotional state meditating-a-chant
    LIVIN IN HELL! yet in the peaks of my uphoria-bliss
    placed-in-a-trace, produce an energy for sorcery
    one wave-with-a-hand? would leave a warrior awaiting-commands
    . i’ll write a… subliminal message in ya mind
    stabbin the pen through ya eye. n skip dimentions when you corna-me..

  4. beautiful track. lovin tha shit

  5. Super

  6. a.q bok gibi nakaratı var bet güzel ama nakarat bok

  7. 6/5

  8. This beat is pure insanity.

  9. 115/149

  10. 5/5

  11. Who the fuck is hating? 3.87, my ass… Get some high votes up in this shissy, this beat is fucking FIRE!

  12. the moledy is classic…….

    But its a nice beat with the drums thoug

  13. damn
    man you will kill me those undeground drums
    love drums in your beats


    Ahhh, this a hott ass grimey underground banger right here! That flute is beautiful!

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