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Ama G

Jun 13 2008 | BPM: | Producer: Slantize
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80 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

One of the nastiest, crunkest, loudest synth-based dirty south bangers you will come across.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Frantic

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80 Feedback to “Ama G”

    من یه پسر 18 سالم اهنگسازی سبک رپ میکنم
    اگه میخان کارامو ببینین یه سر به وبلاگم بزنید

  2. very good beatt

  3. very good

  4. these are my dudes A FILTHEE SOUND track to this beat…. they still have to mix it up one last time but here’s how it sounds….

  5. hella gewd beat this shit go hard

  6. Nice Slantize This Is Harrdd Beat…

  7. kmi lng ang malupet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!higitan nio kung kaya nio *one-pride*

  8. Oohh… I can´t download it.. :(

  9. i need dirty r&b beat like chris brown

  10. This one is hard beat :) But I can’t download it :’(

    @blob-starrzy, my 2

  11. very good

  12. goooooogd

  13. keşke bu beate indirebilseydiM:S

  14. Slow Beat Pleaseeeeeee

    Slow Beat Please…..

  15. Slow Beat Pleaseeeeeeeee

    Slow Beat Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  16. tracc is called “THROW DEM THANGS” slantize, u gon like dis 1 patna

    checc out what WE did, yall aint ready

  18. the best beat ever ;)


  20. nice beat

  21. Good!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. perfecttt !!!

  23. hhhhhhhhhhhhhh:H

  24. hhh

  25. this is fucking nice bitch.!!

  26. охуительный минус….а почему не скачивается???


  28. orale

  29. Awsome beat, but it be nice if it was downloadable

  30. bu şarkıyı indirmek nasip oLmadı :) bakırköy tayfası track yapmş bu şarkıya zatn :)
    beatLer cok qüseL ellerine saqLık moruq ‘

  31. when you gonna’ set free to download this beat ?

  32. goooooooooood mixing but i don’t like the hooooooooooooooooooooo


  34. 操你妈,怎么下啊?

  35. 你妈逼

  36. This beat is very clean well done

  37. damnn….we want more like this lol….banginggg kpropz Slantize

  38. the best. Can you make more of this?

  39. you really need to make a part two or somethin to this. by far the sickest beat on this site in need one like this

  40. you are the best i like you and your web im a singer from iran . dowenloads speed is exelent every things is allrigth

  41. awww man!!! others can claim they’ll kill it but man they should retire murder cuz I’ll slaughter this one haha!! u don’t believe me, well check out
    and see how I man-handled “Music Box” aka “Dark Side” on my profile chumps!! man make this downloadable and u guys got yaself a top-notch Shadowville representa!!

  42. unavailable too bad

  43. This shit is poppin

  44. mmmaaaannn slantize. who bought this beat?? 4 real i needa kno cuz i gotta get it from them. this is wat me n a homeboy r plannin on doin to it:

  45. SOoo clean.. Slantize is tha best producer on tha site no joke.

    @sure, fuck u ! bitch !

  46. nice men eep on tryin brabo

  47. oooooooo wow i will this beat please this is sooooooooooooooo good

  48. i want this beat when can i purchase it?

  49. huuuuuuu craaaazy beaat maaan…i want it -.-

  50. yo check this shit playa play hey wassup yo its Dirty Burns on the track mane hahaa motha fucka wtf u gunna do u aint playin shit imma pimp rappin on ur track holy shit god damn ooh yea pretty gurl baby gurl holla up in my world take u for a fuckin wurrl im like a squirrle jus tryin to bust bust a nut in yo face yo a discrace run the race dnt hate the playa hate the game shit cum on motha fucka they call me DIRTY BURNS cuz im sick in the head n ill leave ya bloddy red i aint gunna fuckin play cuz im not gunna pretend this rap shit is easy spit sum more man its all in my head 1 shot 2 shot 3 shot more motha fucka i got rap cummin out the back n the front door i aint playin wit no whore i can go i can go i can spit long time if ya want i got more

  51. fur real man, like yaboifoe, said this shit is raw as fuck and i want it, but oh….. what do you know, it just has to be unavailible, shit man take it off the site when it unavalible, its a fuckin tease, aint talkin shit, all ur beats are fire, but whats tha point of keepin it up, if no one else can get it? i could tear this shit up betta than anyone, but i can’t, cause its unavalible.

  52. MAnnn what da fuck da beat iz hot but if i cant buy it you need take it off da site its teasein bra 5,000 HomeY- FoE

  53. hip hop beat’s are the best!!!tnx guys…:)

  54. yeah

  55. it very good? fuck offf the beat is kiling itttttttttttttttttttttt

  56. It very good!!!

  57. I want this beat…..It`s the best beat!!!Perfect bass!!!OMG…..:P

  58. best beat for ever

  59. Why is it unavailable?

  60. hot shit why is it unavaible?

  61. yor best beat part II would be nice or something similar

  62. dmmnn sickkk mannn

  63. yo wtf man dat shiiit is fucking dope man!


  64. man this shit is hottttt as fuck ya diggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. HELLLLLLLLLL yeeee! one of my favorite joints by the one and only Slantize! haha, AGGRO BERLIN!!
    Haha, keep em commin brotha!!

  66. This is real crunk, nasty loud and synthy and I love it.

  67. GOOD mixing but i dont like the HO - thing thoug

  68. This shit go so hard. Consider this one copped Slant.

    5/5 in the Crunk genre

  69. might have to grab the license quick and spitt some fire

  70. oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ring The Alarm and get the fire marshall in dis bitch. Dis is str8 fire homie. 5/5

  71. so crunk…love it

    good work Slant

    @King Cobra,

  72. that one is dope , i like that bass

  73. SHIT

  74. :D ha too oo oo o o o o dope….i agree with madd hatter, normally not a fan…but this is damn right dope

  75. Damn this is nuts!

    @ADP, i want some more beat idol

  76. i’m normally not a fan of this genre of beats….but this shit is bangin to the fullest!

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