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Jun 03 2006 | BPM: | Producer: Slantize
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13 Feedback

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91 BPM. Sounds like a dark slim shady beat. The drum pattern is real simple but catchy, allowing alot of room for flow. Pianos and oboes in minor key.

Moods: Dark
Genres: East Coast

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13 Feedback to “Creeper”

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  2. Shadowville check out my video my best work ever i’m proud HOPE U ENJOY!!! #1 You #2 FRG #3

  3. eminem straight up… old school atleast

    tracc is called “TIME IS UP”

  5. 我日你家妈 垃圾。

  6. the clarinet part sounds like the theme from super smash bros brawl. cool ass beat. 8/10

  7. A very nice beat. Really don’t mind the less amount of instruments, that piano is sick tho throughout the whole beat! Sicc man, sicc em

  8. at the begging 3 sec it sounds like crush ur enemies

  9. That’s a cool ass beat, but I think it needs more instrument.
    It’s a little too plain.

  10. too ill…

  11. have you ever herad such grate beats?

  12. ahh, this is plain n simple, with some nice melodies. Too mellow n dark for my stat tho. where it hit the east tho?

  13. The opening and chorus synths sound very similar to “fuel injected” by Swollen Memberz…i dunno if this gave u the idea but if u havent heard the track download it and you will see what i mean.

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