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As Strong As Our Love

Jul 01 2008 | BPM: 109 | Producer: Slantize
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75 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Powerful, passionate yet smooth and relaxing beat. Bells, pads, guitar, strings, and piano with a blend of sexy synths.

Genres: Club, Pop, R&B

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75 Feedback to “As Strong As Our Love”

  1. Anyone know the first four chords in the beginning?

  2. hey how can i download this beat

  3. oooooooooooooooo

  4. I made a song for this beat. this beat is siiiick
    My song’s called “She Gave Me That Smile”

    @whitedoor, are you using adobe audition??

    @tootsix, what’s that?

  5. goooooooooog

  6. Awesome

  7. good 1

  8. heey. its a nice beat, i have maked a song to this beat, but can’t download it now.
    how can i get the beat ?

  9. shum e mir

  10. like it a lot. but cant download, so im sad ;(

    rofl, kiddin

  11. gnhg

  12. Beautiful Beat

    that,s beat unpridectable wow…………so mjuch relaxed

  13. good

  14. good

  15. can i have this beautiful beat please: thx ;)

  16. dios la mejor base que e escuchado nunca, como me gustaria adquirirla y hacerme un tema con ella.. muy currada la base de verdad

  17. i loved using this beat check out Dance would appreciate any feedback

  18. nice one m8

  19. damn i love this beat i have a song wrote to it but lost the computer when i downloaded it lol n now i dont have the beat n its unavailable >< damn damn

  20. someone took a bunch of slantize’s beats and posted them on, including this one! Since this beat is no longer available, I assume somebody finally bought it. Whoever did buy it should know that this beat is floating around the internet being used by literally hundreds of people because it is still free to download on I wanted to buy this one exclusively myself, but when I found out howmany people had already used it, it did not make sense to pay the $500 price to buy it exclusively when it seems that just about anyone is downloading it for free somewhere else. If the person who bought it reads this, you should know others are using what is now YOUR SONG without permission, because someone named moskri on posted it illegally as their song to freely give away. Just thought everyone should know..check it out.

  21. Oh shit i would have bought diz beat, Slantize, will you make a new beat like diz 1, diz stile, i would buy it

  22. this beat is fabulous!! I would like download it, but it’s unavailable!! however you are a genious slantize!!! carry on men!!

  23. good beat

  24. Awesome beat! Check out this track I did to your beat. Click on the video titled “Be Mine” Slantize, you are crazy talented bro. I’m lovin everything you do. Hit me up and tell me what you think of the song I did.

  25. love this beat and all your beats check mine out

  26. senınde beatınnda taaaaa aq……….

  27. la aq bu beat ınmıyo nıe demosunu koydun qewsek

  28. shum e 3nt

  29. a very good beat respect

  30. EJ EJ EJ mAN dishka trent ke qikjo veq vazhdo KOSOVAAAAAAAAAA

  31. Yo man love this beat!!!!Keeep up GOOD luck frm NEC*

  32. This is one of my favorite beats im still consiplating weather i want to own this beat,keep up the good work bro

  33. you r da best man.i like dis beat :)

  34. nice man…continue like this;) gg!

  35. i like it thanks your work

  36. shit shit shit !! POP SHIT, eminem song? hihihi sick beat nigga

  37. myspace/youngomen
    “Come Back”
    see if u like wat i did to ur track

  38. this beat is off da chain man forreal

    keep doin what u do!

  39. Hello, my name is AJ, I live on, it appears that someone by the name of Morski posted your tracks, I used one of them. Sorry about that had no idea until this morning. Here the link if you like I will remove it since you didn’t give him permission to post. Also another member called him out and I belive his post will be removed.
    take care,

  40. ha my brother whats up, my name is dmill and im new to your site. i just produced a song of this track for 2 young men and i really digged the beat and i would like to know if first you would like to hear it and 2nd do you have any nice r&b beats.

  41. woww nice beat…!!

  42. nice beat the song for my womane

  43. Dang, all your beatz are bomb… not trying too hard, not all too similar, and all something unique every time. Keep it up.

  44. So whats good on hear.

  45. this beat is so good i’love it 2

  46. slantize you gonna be somthing big keep on with the good work you have inspire me

  47. You make some of the sickest beats and i want you to know that you are providing an opportunity for youth to express themselves and a way for them to stay out of trouble. Your beats have become a major part of my ministry.

  48. inanılmazzz xD

  49. lan sen bir numarasın lan manyak sın olum sen

  50. this beat is tight dog

  51. this is hot

  52. its exellent….anybody have a beat if you ever loved me?

  53. love the beat

  54. this is verry good

  55. btw bro u did some of ur love beats which is exactly what I want… And for real u did an excellent job keep working on it.. :)

  56. i love love love your beats. :P

  57. please keep on makin the techno beats please they r too sick carry on man youre sick you are the best producer in the world slant is sick
    check out some of my music at

  58. I love it so much. SLantize I’m in love with you and your beats! and /BeXXXtacsy

  59. You Did It Again Playa.. Good Ish

    Keep Bringin Them Sentimental Beats Dogg

  60. yo dis is cooving blud :):) 9/10

  61. yo my dude slantize its Nostalgic coming in to check ur shit….yo man…

    ima be down right serious, me and adp be chattin all the time…i been tryina say dog, i recognize your talent, this beat right here is a siiiiiingle, imo one of ur best in a long time that could be a single..for countless reasons…..damn dude…im getting exclusives to this hands down…you know my AIM bro…

  62. I like it somewhat but it isnt as good as ‘never let go’….but the drums are definately real nice and it is really relaxing to listen to…..The only thing is I dont get the feeling like ‘this beat makes me wanna love a bitch’ lol……I would like to see you make techno love beats, kind of how you did verse 2 on ‘never let go’

  63. kk chille beat

  64. ..must be renamed “Tale of a warrior”
    killa beat man…luv it…i swear Slantize beats r all killa….i ain’t likin his ass but 4 real ..he da best producer here on shadowville..u feel me..?!?!..keep it up, slant…..
    Arabia till i die–Arabian hip hop- A.L.Y

  65. and by club I mean beat.. if you get what I mean.. tee hee?

  66. this beat makes me want to love a bitch.. for once in my life.. (besides my gf..LOL)

    shadow stfu, I’m sexy, this club is down right sack blowing.

    Listen our music…We made a song in one of Slantize beat’s “Midnight Opera Pt II” List ” Debaixo da noite” and “Pó caralho”
    Hug from Portugal

    Shadowville is the best! :D

  68. cool song

  69. sexy

  70. this beat is sick man…keep up with the good work…

  71. You did it again Slantize!!! , I lovveee the bells on this one!

  72. i love this beats slantize! like all of your work, its beautiful!

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