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Chillin Out Pt. III

Jul 07 2008 | BPM: | Producer: 2Deep
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20 Feedback

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92.5 BPM. A very smooth, chilled out bell, guitar, and piano beat with some uptempo underground drums.

Moods: Relaxed

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20 Feedback to “Chillin Out Pt. III”

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  3. como te dicen el que hace las mejores pistas de esta pagina

  4. excellent beat
    but what happened to the download button?


  6. man your beats are sicker then death i aint lickin ass or some shit but yeah your shit is hot dog. big ups!!!

  7. A great beat, which kind of reminds me of something Tupac would work with.

    I grabbed a non-exclusive license for this one, as well as “Break Free”, both on my Myspace page for a listen, if anybody wants to see how I’ve personally worked with them. This one I’ve called “My Day to Chill.”

  8. increible is tha best boy.
    un saludo de spain

  9. ay 2-deep i put a song out to your beat on myspace
    and wanted you to check it out my name is christopher braddy

  10. this ones lookin down at Cloud 9. way up there.5/5

  11. good shit fam foreal! yo u gotta tell me the sample on the low haha

  12. this shit is great..i love dis

  13. This beat is pure fire! U got skills in it man the way that beat came together was incredible

  14. it’s beats**

  15. yeah your beat are great man!!! your drumloops are crazy, good job homie

  16. Damn Dude, i came up with like 32 bars & a hook, by just listening. Thanks for the exhale.

  17. good job once again

  18. this beat is straight’s some of the most chill shit I’ve ever heard

    I tip my hat to you 2deep.

  19. If I would choose any producer 2 make instrumentals 4 me then I would say nothing but 2DEEP, U the best man !

  20. sounds like something snoop would rap to if he grew up watching the nature channel

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