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Out Of Sight

Jul 13 2008 | BPM: 90 | Producer: 2Deep
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31 Feedback

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Deep violin, guitar, and piano beat on a grimey drum pattern and a sexy bassline.

Moods: Sad
Genres: Underground

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31 Feedback to “Out Of Sight”

  1. abi bu beat inmior mu

  2. beat dowloand linkkk plss! türküm , beat plss

  3. nice ass beat.. i did something ill to this beat

  4. not bad

  5. bet bet diymeliley!!! 2deep nice work my maaannn….


    listen this guys… this is mongolion rap band Opozit. She is my girl

  7. maan u killed it ….. i admire u….just keep it going u r the best

  8. i think that i heard somewhere that sampel or maybe im wrong.
    great beat 5/5

  9. niceeeeeee

  10. schön!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. great;)

  12. good shit


  14. very very goooooooooooooood man

  15. Goood!!!!;)

  16. Awesome beat!!!! In polish its - Zajebisty bit!!!!

  17. what a beat man…it’s too cool

  18. niceeeeeeeeeeee d(-_*)b

  19. new undergraund beats pls..

  20. really like it bro, you are on great way man, your sounds sick’s me out, SSSICK!

  21. nice!

  22. really nice beat, 5/5

  23. perfect my maan just perfect!

  24. Nie zła nuta.

  25. very good .. goes on (Y)

  26. very underrated.

  27. i agree wit abcstudios, ya got dope ass beats, but the intros make me feel like i got “Deja Vu” haha get it. and its also hard to identify the different beats. but besides that keep makin dope tracks =)

  28. beautiful… 5/5

  29. You need to “do-away” with that deep snare with the reverb to it, past beats I herd you put up have been the same basic drop with that deep snare with an added reverb. And work on tuning the volumes. These are a little too loud.

  30. 5/5, i dont know how u keep doin deep, but u do haha, now i cant even stay true to the last one u put up cuz i said thats the greatest underground beat ever….but…alll ur underground beats hella dope

  31. Very Nice men! 4/5.

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