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Death By Notes

Jul 15 2008 | BPM: 92 | Producer: Slantize
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20 Feedback

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Dark and hypnotic piano beat and mesmerizing drums with light violins on the chorus.

Moods: Dark, Sad

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20 Feedback to “Death By Notes”

  1. Great Beat!!
    Made a song to it, called ‘Watching the Rain’

  2. mantapp!!

  3. Slantize Your’re a master of disaster man:) good job - props 4 U from Poland:D

  4. Turks love this beat huh?

  5. hep melankolik yap ya club bi işe yaramıyo :)

  6. çok harika beat ler yapıyor yaptıgın beatleri severek dinliyorum başarılarının devamını dilerim

  7. This is sweet bro!

  8. Nice Nice

  9. all the beats are so great i thank u from Albania Respect brothers by GERI-G THUGZ KLAN

  10. man that piano KILLS

  11. soo good.

  12. copy 2 deep

  13. I accept this beat as well.. keep usin them piano notes man, such infinite sounds you can create with it in any beat. Jus create a piano beat genre, you gots the skills….you talented mo fuka..

  14. shits iLL shun

  15. original Shadowviller

  16. I’ll peep tha beat later(I’m on my itouch, no flash player :( ) but if its by slant, its the first out of the top ten, and it has piano in it…… it must be ballin pce/respect

  17. Nice beat and also a

  18. hey gros j’ai pris ton num c ernst me la donnè je t’appel demain pour un nouveau beat

  19. Nice beat and also a great melody!!

  20. hahah 2deep is gonna b jealous bout this one right here hahahaha ur da best man !!!

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