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Get Loose

Jun 03 2006 | BPM: | Producer: Slantize
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19 Feedback

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92 BPM. This is a flip of trance plus hip hop, fused into a club beat. Saw bass and synth beeps.

Moods: Dark, Inspiring
Genres: Club

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19 Feedback to “Get Loose”

  1. - hair transplant without propecia

  2. we gaan los. sucks. check out my version.

  3. Slantize Made A Video Proveing Its His I Left A Nice Comment

  4. yo peeps this beat is stolen beat is from a dutch rapper Kempi and the track name is we gaan los chek it by youtube KEMPI - WE GAAN LOS

  5. Lol yeah, check out youtube:

    kempi - we gaan los

  6. pArtysquad from The Netherland’s Ripped this one wehhehe

  7. yo slantize ya made a video of this beat didnt ya?

  8. I used this beat ,sick as hell and my songs called “cold night”. check it out

  9. that whining sounds is possibly the hottest club sounds yet its HOT, too bad those fags stole this beat

  10. this beat is tight but i agree with HardKore I can’t picture no one rapping on it

  11. haha I like it. It’s …different, I could tear this beat pretty nice.

  12. sounds a lil bit like get loose t.i.

  13. A nice sounding beat, but I can’t really picture anybody flowin on it. The chorus is tight as hell.

  14. the synth beeps are nice and blend pretty good..keep up the good work.


  16. i like the intro its nice

  17. Damn you gotta fix more of this kind a beats it’s hot!!!
    PS all the beats from shadowville are awesome!!!

  18. Nah.. I like trance, but this didnt work out as properly as other beats… The bubble low-volume beats kinda ruin the dance-vibe this suposed to create. Not a topper at skill. The chorus is aiight. Dunno

  19. Ayo the beat is crazy man I really like it.

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