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ON SALE: $199 | BPM: 84 | Producer: hala-X
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17 Feedback

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Smooth and haunting string sample with a soulful trumpet chorus.

Moods: Dark, Soulful
Genres: Underground

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17 Feedback to “Flawless”

  1. how did u get clearance for that nas beat or the person who made it before nas

  2. way to bite nas son

  3. listen something u might not kno about hala x is that he is not from the us he doesnt hear half the shit we do so wen he tells u that he didnt get it from that song he means it hes from like poland

  4. The sample the guy who made the beat for Nas’s song “Heaven” is from “I Love You” by Eddie Holman

  5. haha yeah homie this sounds like a simple from nas beat, but still a nice remix of it.

  6. I gave it 5/5, Im def feelin it! Keep up the good work man

  7. this is a sample of nas’s if heaven was a mile awaye this is off the motion picture You got served”

  8. either way still hot…good shyt hala-X

  9. Yeh Defo Nas - Heaven Sample Up In Here

  10. ahh, well that might make mighta sampled the same song that nas did then

  11. would i pack up ma bags n leave this world tonight ?
    if heaven was a mile aawaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    classic …

    cool sample

  12. if heaven was a mile awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  13. No i did not, you made me say it twice.. maybe i sampled the same song whoever did a beat for that song (I’ve never heard it).

  14. hahaha..yes you did.

  15. nope

  16. you sampled nas-heaven right?

  17. Cuz you did ya thing on this beat, you just pulled out a another new level in ya track makin for reals cuz and I fucks with it, you and the other Shadow Crew giving the people awesome ass music, to create their own voices in this rap game, I done made classic’s to some of ya tracks hala-X and keep my shit fresh wit out having to sell dope, I fucks wit my D-boys but that aint my route at getting that and making my music ya dig, I cant wait for ya follow up to this joint, SB

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