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The Thump

Jul 28 2008 | BPM: 88 | Producer: Slantize
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11 Feedback

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Hype stomp-clap style beat with unique synths and violin stabs.

Moods: Dark, Epic
Genres: Club

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11 Feedback to “The Thump”

  1. this is a hot beat still fresh to ears


  3. i dont know if you know.. but this beat has just been officially taken.. by me… i want you to know that this beat is aaammmaazzziinnnggg… and I wont let you down with my lyrical capabilities… ill shoot you the link when i post it on youtube… ciao!

  4. errybody in da club gettin’ tipsy! haha this is nice

  5. This beat is so nice . !! =0 ! I love them. !!

  6. This is nice….real easy to dance too..

  7. its hot but the hook isn’t crazy enough

  8. neww mood thanks to this track!! : fuckin sick as beats XD

    nicee !!!

  9. OMFG THUMP….fuck u trey thats my line…LOL…..finalllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I HAVE THIS BEAT!!! lol…REEEEEMIXXXXXXXXXXXXX…jus kiddin….lol sick beat slant thnx

  10. OMFG THUMP!!!!

    man this is like my fave beat ever, ever since i heard the song i wanted it. DAYUM. this is fire.

  11. Nice Beat , love the video game like sounds!

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