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Together At Last

Aug 03 2008 | BPM: 100 | Producer: Slantize
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42 Feedback

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Touching, romantic guitars and pianos mixed with a pop style drum beat.

Genres: Pop, R&B

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42 Feedback to “Together At Last”

  1. check out what i did with shadowville beat.

  2. manyakk

  3. i love this beat dude but could you turn up the kick just a lil bit more

  4. I have a question. I will release an album , and it will has a banderol. Should I Whitch license I take ? Exclusive License really expensive 799 Dollars!

  5. hi all. i am monglio. its song like me.

  6. i have this beat))))))))))))))))))))) ia can help u)

    i need this song please

    i am sory i nead men tooo … :PpPp

  7. how to daunlowd this?

  8. this is the most most most color in the whole world materca and reminds me so much of themselves…;)))

  9. hay brother whats up i wanna use your beat

  10. I don’t know who bought me out of the exclusives to this track, but it don’t matter, Pyro, T-Money and I laced the perfect track to this beat, we pretty much own the beat now, check it out its called “Call on Me” at

    @Ca$h Flow, yall did ya thing on the beat, i heard it on myspace, hit me up if you want to collab ON FB: Donnie thephoenixking Breeze or on reverbnation Donnie B.

  11. very beatufilly beat……..i like……but icant download,,,,,,

  12. d

  13. i will download this beat..thankz bro

  14. this song is just….beautifull! <3

  15. sağlam moruk
    Thanks. Good!

  16. Yo Slant this is actually not my style, but i like it, it’s so beathiful..
    I think I’m gonna rap to this, about a Turkish food called Döner lol ;p
    Check out my stuff, I’m 13×96x14

  17. im gonna use this as a song for graduation lol (i graduate this year)

  18. çok güzell la

  19. I love this beat! But it sounds a little like dance with my father.. a hip-hop remake lol!

  20. eeeeesh man too nice , you know wat you do and you do it well.

  21. Slantize i want this beat! this is one of the best emotional beat i ever heard, i want to buy this (not jokin) send me the info please! price and payment options and all that please my e mail is

  22. Once again I was blown away by this track and when I asked who made this beat “Slantize”. It seams like all the beats I hear thaty I like you just so happend to be the producer:-) your extremely talented keep doing what you do.

  23. i love this anyways … you re the man !!!

  24. i think ive heard something similar to this before…but i love all your other beats tho man, you’re too sickk

  25. can some 1 tell me how to download this!! i love it!!

  26. Hey Man, sickness for real bruv

    no doubt this is gettin pushed out to each and every peep thats lost someone they love

    in heaven, together at last

    maximum respect, keep these hits coming mate

  27. man i been lookin for the perfect beat 2 make my girl feel loved and i wanted the perfect beat 2 tell her she amazing

    this is it son
    MY DUDE!!!!

  28. you shudda added a vocal hook 4 the chrous but still a sick beat

  29. Slantize with beat you have shot then vogel is only cool please make further those beats please respekt

  30. title matches the beat, sounds sorta nice, but its basically one loop over and over, no real switch ups except the techno part but it needs more to it.

  31. the guitars great the best part of hit nice choice of drumz but sometimes there to musch instruments but its is sick man youre just a great beat maker every beat you make is sick ya better than timbo now g
    check out my tunes at

  32. it’s ok.. but i don’t like the guitar.. it sounds too fake.. anyway keep up the good work..



  35. working on something for it now..

  36. Awesome beat composed together with a relaxing drum beat makes this a hit for the ages!

  37. beautiful beat my guy..

    I’ll buy it from :)

  38. already know pyros gonna murder this

    Slantize aka most diverse producer ever heard

  39. slant..dude..ur unreal with these beats…i LOVE this track

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