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Nothing But Bad

Aug 04 2008 | BPM: 82 | Producer: hala-X
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33 Feedback

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Funky chopped up sample with an uptempo style drum.

Moods: Happy, Silly
Genres: Underground

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33 Feedback to “Nothing But Bad”

  1. - Neurontine

  2. - Prednisone

  3. You should make a part two to this… Way too hott!!

  4. could someone plz send this to my email if they got it wud be great 4 my mixtape

  5. Piekne!!!

  6. i need this…..

  7. awh man this shits dope! love the samples keep it up! and im callin bullshit homie! ima scoop this up and use it for a show in a couple weeks.

  8. La vin pa pepino el mio qe me mide 36 m

  9. La virgen k pepinoooo kolegaaa! xD

  10. man! you always amaze me with your samples,

  11. its dood but not for rappin but for fuckin babys movies
    man in this beats game 2deep is the best beast in the beats

  12. lmao yo this shit is the best dude

  13. OH Shit… Hala This Is Beast!! Hella Goin On My next mixtape!!

  14. Yea mann thiss is sickk as fuk ! quality m8


  16. fuckin Dot Dot Curve used this shit

  17. bro u r a beast with these old samples!!! im really startin to put u like rite next to slantize as the best on shadowville.

    keep this shit up

  18. sick as always….

  19. kool

  20. I got something for this one! This is genius!!!! I’m writing it now!

  21. i couldn’t kill a dead president to this beat. but im a white guy what the hell do i know? this is off the chizzle.5/5 i dig it.

  22. me n my friend made a song called nothing but bad to dis checc it out

  23. this beat is incredible…. some hw i missed it, until Barker, Zinn, and PIKK killed it.

  24. this is …. man i….. G’s Us this is tight….. like wo….. applesauce homie.

  25. daayyyyyym

  26. damn i could hear me or juelz on this 1 good shit hala and u still got tha crown in my opinion

  27. this beat is writinq to this 1 as we speak

  28. dude killed it on this one. much props hala!!!!

  29. Parts of it are siiiiiiiiick .. buut the chorus sounds disrytmic

  30. That is super sexy! I love it!

  31. Very genius indeed!

  32. genius


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