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Fire Walker

Aug 08 2008 | BPM: 118 | Producer: Slantize
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66 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Exotic and sensual female vocals and violins with a slight Middle Eastern feeling mixed with pounding drums and sharp synths.

Moods: Dark, Sad
Genres: East Coast, Pop, Urban

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66 Feedback to “Fire Walker”

  1. Hi I found a song that u produced with pyro call look no further iv been trying to get that song do u know where I can find it please contact me back thank you


  3. This ish crazy hard please put for download

  4. dude u gots to let me do something to this beat bro

  5. hi I can’t download its unavailable can someone tell me how do i get this amazing track

  6. my track, i am 14

  7. This beat goes real hard…im glad I downloaded it when it was still free…I made a real smooth JESUS track with it…I’ll get it on my myspace so yall can peep it out, sorry no youtube of women on it…all for JESUS, God bless.

    @tha joker, nice 1 (Y) if u still have the beat can you please send it to me on:
    ( thank you

    @tha joker, lol no problem there man do yer thing!

  8. i’ve used this beat like……..2 years ago,it’s hot and i did got my flow on it……this beat is bangin’

  9. dope as always, may i ask has anything been sampled in this?

  10. love ur beats man. u have complex style that will be comming out as the years past by and the hip pop genre developes. keep doing ur thing peace!!!!


    Gurl Got Back

    @hotsauce02, u got me pissed of dude… dont u ever fuck up a beat like this again, NEVER EVER!

    @leostar90, glad 2hear it! i did this like 2 yrz ago so hopefully my new shit pisses u off even more u man lover… let me know when yer done with yerz id love to hear it…

  12. очень хорошо друг! отличный бит!!

  13. nice beat

  14. this is dope swag! bigg up

  15. Damn, it’s hot. But i aint get my flow on this rythm… too bad.


    If you wanna peep what I did homie… there you go…

  17. Live Beat Bro! 5* Props

  18. fantastic beat … nice w0rk :]]

  19. I can’t believe this instrumental is still available for D/L … This instrumental is to good to sit on here for so long … you should try and get in contact with Royce 5′9″ or Swollen Members .. there styles would go real nice to this. Keep it up man, you definitely have a talent.

  20. Awesome !
    This one’s goes well with a futuristic story.
    Anyway, being my first comment I would like to add that Sinima & Slantize are, by far, the best.

    This one and Block by block are interesting but Sinima came out with many.

    Anyway, I’m lookin’ to listen beats like Ludacris, Shawnna, Twista, Missy Elliott, D 12 and Eminem are makin’.

  21. Yeeeo fam…. This beat is beyond insane bruhh…. serious talkn you blazed this chit to def…. Word up, been bumpin this for days homie,vibin HARD!!!! Not tryna boast you up but fo’real, THIS GO HARRRRD!!!! I got a few bars for this… jeahhhh


  23. vai~ lo^n`

  24. aq tripkolic

  25. gooooooood!!



  27. :)nice

    bit je pokidao

  28. Бля, заебатый бит!!!!))))

  29. Well I ain’t going to say what has already been said. You know you nicccceeee! Hottest beat ever!