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Fire Walker

Aug 08 2008 | BPM: 118 | Producer: Slantize
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104 Feedback

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Exotic and sensual female vocals and violins with a slight Middle Eastern feeling mixed with pounding drums and sharp synths.

Moods: Dark, Sad
Genres: East Coast, Pop, Urban

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104 Feedback to “Fire Walker”

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  39. Hi I found a song that u produced with pyro call look no further iv been trying to get that song do u know where I can find it please contact me back thank you


  41. This ish crazy hard please put for download

  42. dude u gots to let me do something to this beat bro

  43. hi I can’t download its unavailable can someone tell me how do i get this amazing track

  44. my track, i am 14

  45. This beat goes real hard…im glad I downloaded it when it was still free…I made a real smooth JESUS track with it…I’ll get it on my myspace so yall can peep it out, sorry no youtube of women on it…all for JESUS, God bless.

    @tha joker, nice 1 (Y) if u still have the beat can you please send it to me on:
    ( thank you

    @tha joker, lol no problem there man do yer thing!

  46. i’ve used this beat like……..2 years ago,it’s hot and i did got my flow on it……this beat is bangin’

  47. dope as always, may i ask has anything been sampled in this?

  48. love ur beats man. u have complex style that will be comming out as the years past by and the hip pop genre developes. keep doing ur thing peace!!!!


    Gurl Got Back

    @hotsauce02, u got me pissed of dude… dont u ever fuck up a beat like this again, NEVER EVER!

    @leostar90, glad 2hear it! i did this like 2 yrz ago so hopefully my new shit pisses u off even more u man lover… let me know when yer done with yerz id love to hear it…

  50. очень хорошо друг! отличный бит!!

  51. nice beat

  52. this is dope swag! bigg up

  53. Damn, it’s hot. But i aint get my flow on this rythm… too bad.


    If you wanna peep what I did homie… there you go…

  55. Live Beat Bro! 5* Props

  56. fantastic beat … nice w0rk :]]

  57. I can’t believe this instrumental is still available for D/L … This instrumental is to good to sit on here for so long … you should try and get in contact with Royce 5′9″ or Swollen Members .. there styles would go real nice to this. Keep it up man, you definitely have a talent.

  58. Awesome !
    This one’s goes well with a futuristic story.
    Anyway, being my first comment I would like to add that Sinima & Slantize are, by far, the best.

    This one and Block by block are interesting but Sinima came out with many.

    Anyway, I’m lookin’ to listen beats like Ludacris, Shawnna, Twista, Missy Elliott, D 12 and Eminem are makin’.

  59. Yeeeo fam…. This beat is beyond insane bruhh…. serious talkn you blazed this chit to def…. Word up, been bumpin this for days homie,vibin HARD!!!! Not tryna boast you up but fo’real, THIS GO HARRRRD!!!! I got a few bars for this… jeahhhh


  61. vai~ lo^n`

  62. aq tripkolic

  63. gooooooood!!



  65. :)nice

    bit je pokidao

  66. Бля, заебатый бит!!!!))))

  67. Well I ain’t going to say what has already been said. You know you nicccceeee! Hottest beat ever!

  68. nice beat i real want do like this beat but i don`t now how

    thank bro

    keep going

  69. inmiyo o.ç

  70. Nice

  71. Here is the VIDEO link:

    “Gurl Got Back”


  72. nice one!!!

  73. goddddddd. its da devillllllllllll man

  74. amına koyayım tripkolic bu beat çalmış koşun yetişin

  75. by far the best beat on shadowville come on man wow.
    slantize did it again

  76. slantize i dont know what to say but the voices on the background just makes me fly real high. i normally never post shit. but you got my back on this one. im gonna blaze the blunt on this tune, greetz outa holland!

  77. mahn ..i love dis beat …gonna make serious track out of it …much love n respect

  78. this is the best beat ever made !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love when you here this u are walkin on fire

  79. beyond epic.. though it sounds more indian than middle eastern.. awesome still 5/5

  80. :::BEST VERSION YET:::




  81. this av. how much you want for the beat. wowwwwwwww

  82. dood ur sick wid it manG…..mad resPEct…


  84. Warning: Shadowville beats cause eargasms.

  85. IIIIIIIIII absolutely fell in love with this beat right her man even my girl jams it out here at shadowvill volume maxed man volume maxed

  86. this beat is crazy nice, love it.

  87. God damn man, this beat is so motha fkin hot, i could sit bac and listen to it all day. props man, 2357892365346 out of 5 man!!

  88. By Far…Holy Shit! This beat does things to me. Its sick, pretty sure its my favorite.

  89. this beat is sick!!!

  90. 1000000000000000000000 out 5!!!! my absolute favourite beat


  92. too sick man
    check out my tunes to it

  93. fucking hottt! it’s going to take a good emcee to come up with a good concept for this beat for real. peace keep it up

  94. oh… fuck… its about time.

  95. booom.. damn man - 100% pure heat.. keep on walkin ;)

  96. Great Work!

  97. Hey Slantize I remember when this beat was on your myspace. It was on fire and is still on fire now! Great work like always!


  98. nice beat man..


    @jigsaw7, str8 fire

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