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Let Me Live My Life

Aug 25 2008 | BPM: 122 | Producer: Slantize, ADP
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37 Feedback

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Trance-like synths and mesmerizing melodies with fast paced drums, bells,and pianos.

Moods: Inspiring, Sad
Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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37 Feedback to “Let Me Live My Life”

  1. nice beat

  2. BEST COLLAB. Slantize & ADP … Why don’t you both come back with a beat more amazing like as this one!!!!!!!

  3. I found this on youtube, is it legally made? this beats been used…

    @megetvigtigperker, as every beat is used for NON PROFIT yeah it’s legal (y)

  4. diis beat so dope ……i wanna make my voice on it

  5. 不错!

  6. Any Idea where i can get it for free?

  7. Faaack =( i really want this beat…. 5/5!

  8. nice

  9. very cool beat @GJ

  10. I added a cello and some vocals….

  11. beauty

  12. download ????

  13. How can i get the beat? plz. Heelp! :)

  14. fuck.. very cool beat… respect

  15. dope!! sad i could not get this beat for free :X

    super cool beat mayne … :D

  16. how to save it :(


  18. dawg this beat is RIDICULOUS! one of the best i heard on this site by far.

  19. Slantize is da best on beats, straight up

  20. ridic

  21. check out the song i made for it!

  22. Oh my lord! This reminds me of old school final fantasy type synths Amazing Catchyness haha. 5/5

  23. oh, great beat. 5/5 of corse …

    yeah, put this on the myspace

  24. dont listn 2 adp

  25. cool beat

  26. what “space”? myspace?

  27. a yo this beats is hot im talkin about its goood as shit yo put this on the SPACE man

  28. good idea zinn, but i think erryone would become so hooked so fast that it be under high demand! lol

  29. how about a 2deep and hala collab??? or a ultimate svp collab done like every 6 months or every year

  30. thats that dopeness right there. its got a great feel to it, great polish. Im lovin man, great job

  31. wow cool beat man :):):p

  32. This beat is tight son…
    keep up the hard work ;)

  33. Slant and ADP collabs are some of the best beats ever! No lie!

    Great work by you both, this beat is truely mezmorizing and inspiring.

    That hook is so bonkers.. Love this beat! Again, great work!

  34. good ass beat my guy.

    keep making the bomb shit bro.

  35. The best beat i’ve heard in a while. Really, really good. I love the breakdown, the synths on the hook, ummm everything. You guys should work together more. Both of yall just move to North Carolina. That’s a compromise, right? That’s meeting in the middle or close to it.

  36. Nice collaboartion!!! I love the melody , excellent work from both of you!!!

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