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Put It On

Aug 28 2008 | BPM: 86 | Producer: Slantize
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13 Feedback

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Extremely catchy and silly club beat with a party-type attitude.

Moods: Happy, Silly
Genres: Club, Pop

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13 Feedback to “Put It On”

  1. Slantize u too gud d
    man. in zulu we say duda uyshisa

  2. hey i bought the beat the shit is hott to me>>> maybe i can have it in is entirity>>>get at me

  3. this is stuff i can straight chill on.

  4. idk i like it but i dont think its GREAT. tho it is good gotta admit, keep it up

  5. Put it on! Put it on! Its a hot track! Put it on! Put it on! Bout time you release it mahn. Heheh

  6. Great work Slantize!

  7. Nice beat Slantize! I love your club beats keep it up.

  8. I like beats like this. Simple yet catchy melodies with nice synths. Club feel. Yeah, right up my alley. Um…. make more. Then, after that… make more.

  9. i agree with Zinn and KC

  10. yes i must destroy it, ppl are trippin, i mean, this is a straight banger, chart topper if you will

  11. don’t like it at all.

  12. I like it^^ its a crazzy beat xD^^

  13. yeah…Definately doing somethin to this as I type this.

    my kind of beat.

    good job

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