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Rain Comes Down

Aug 30 2008 | BPM: 100 | Producer: hala-X
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21 Feedback

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Feel good, inspirational and deep guitar melody with a driving bassline and drums with a touch of reminiscence.

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21 Feedback to “Rain Comes Down”


  2. I always loved this beat; I hope you love the song I did to it!

  3. love this beat brah! thats why ya┬┤ll should check out what I just recorded ;)

  4. This is a Minus the Bear song, Sick beat and mix,

    Lyrics….. Baby take me to the coast and watch the way the rain comes down, watch the way the rain comes down….

  5. i want this

  6. Excellent Beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Preciate the beat bro, Check out wht i spit to it hala-X

    Tell me wasup and what you think………

    get back at me on how much the exclusive rights cost

    so i can write something diffrent..

    but yea Amazing Beat

  7. Hott shyt!

  8. erm, what is sad in this ?

  9. hala underground legend

  10. this sounds a lot like hate it or love it

  11. lol yeah thats the first thing i thought, it sounds like Hate It Or Love It, but its nice man, 4/5

  12. Doughp beat! LOVE THE HOOK ON IT!!! makes me wanna go for a ride in Hollywood vldb! and just cruise!

  13. muthafucka ima slap u if u dont cum out with a wack beat bitch str8 up lol jk

  14. ahhh thank you slant!

  15. This beat is mad ‘Hate it Or Love It’ cool n dre style that i love

    anyway the hook says:

    Maybe, come with me to the coast
    And watch the way the rain comes down

  16. the bass on this on headphones is….(((((RUMBLE)))))) in a good way, makes your eardrums feel comfort

  17. Same question as shadow..

    I only understand “washed away, the rain comes down”.. I also think the beginning of the corus starts with the sample saying “baby”.

    Other than that this beat is so good I have it on my ipod just to bump it when I feel like writing.

  18. this beat is amazing! what is being said on the chorus? i cant quite make it out lol 5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5!

  19. nice beat bro.

  20. haha..

  21. BLAM. Hala straight from the 80’s. Makes me wanna do a line of coke, find a columbian chick, and… yahtzee.

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