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I Luv U

Jun 03 2006 | BPM: | Producer: hala-X
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33 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

88 BPM. A very lovely romantic beat for the ladies. You can definitely deliver some deep emotions on this beat, or just reminisce about some distant times.

Moods: Happy, Soulful

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33 Feedback to “I Luv U”

  1. Ay this beat is hot i wanna make a song to it….please put it up for download

  2. asdasd

  3. dude luv your beats they so hard can u make ths beat available plz

  4. love your beats, they are good. Keep it up dude!

  5. i would like to rhym on this shit godnees

  6. its a great love song beat
    id give it a 9/10 in the love/r&b genre

  7. This one is genius dawg

  8. cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllll im crazy about tis web and this sounds



  11. because if im gonna buy a beat i wanna know what song was sampled

  12. i need to know, why can’t you tell me?

  13. why?

  14. what song is this sampling i need to know!!! I REALLY NEED TO KNOW!!!

  15. one of my top 3 fav’s on this site. did tha damn thing. got my girl lovin me wit tha lyrics i put to this

  16. I made a song about guys making a promise “starting today” that we will always treat woman a helluva lot better now than in the past. I just don..t have a mic or a studio or anything to freakin’ record it and have some feedback. but, i got time. sick beat as always.

    “live long and prosper”

  17. This beat is raw. I need to get in touch with you to get this exclusively!

    AT EASE Music Group

  18. i luv this track my girl luvs it 2

  19. dis is swift!..all yo beatz is luv.. i like it tho

  20. sick

  21. nice sample

  22. I dont remember, i did this some time ago, is that important?

  23. This beat moved me. What song was sampled?

  24. this is some tight as shit right hurr… off da hook for shizzle

  25. this beat is sick stright sick off the chane sick

  26. ma girl luvs dis i made her cry with this one….
    gr8 work cuz!!!

  27. Tight ass shit as fuck.

  28. tight shit like some oldies shit

  29. Can somebody say Quinceniada, or can I spell it?! LOL Hot Track

  30. my wifey luvs this.

  31. siick beat maan

  32. this shit is fire, its like some classical Ghost Face type shit

  33. Green Open field…
    Some Thirty years ago when pops was still a kid… He loved his life.
    I give this 7.3/10

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