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Go Getta

Sep 02 2008 | BPM: 72 | Producer: ADP
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50 Feedback

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Slow paced southern beat with violins, bells, and brass with big 808 kicks and snares.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Silly

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50 Feedback to “Go Getta”

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  4. “What We Do” Prod. by ADP

    @esskater770, ayo ADP, listen to the song I made on your beat. youre gonna love it…i used that shit as my CANVAS


  6. this is one of the illest track i ever heard

  7. keep it up nic one

  8. Damn mii nikka u qot this beat jumpin off… me mii crew qone bust this bihh… This ya nikka Jocko….[STUPID SILLY SWAQQ]

  9. what can happen when you add a little twist…

  10. Sick ass beat!


  12. .. Güzell

  13. let’s do it`

  14. man i start to love for this beat man hear this am your fan as long as you made beats like this i can hear dr.dre do this beat man keep it up
    mad rhymes

  15. this beat is sick as a mother f*c*e*


  17. güzell:DD

  18. nice !

  19. very good beat :D

  20. ye nice

  21. recorded to this about a year ago, “Out Wit My Dawgs” -

  22. i love the Bells man !!

  23. Awesome !

  24. nice beat ma bro

  25. super

  26. Guhd shyt ADP, This beat is allowed to sit on the top because it is sumtin special and ill.

  27. g

  28. I Cant Belive I Didnt Do anything To This Until Last Month, Semi Moto Feat ClasSick And Transparent Go Getta Check It Out,

  29. i’m really supperized that I missed this beat for so long just kept shuffling around it. This is that shit…5/5

  30. nice job !!

  31. This has got to be probably THE BEST beat I’ve heard from Shadowville, the rest are too complex and dont give enough room for vocal presence.. Well done ADP I admire your work on this, very catchy.

  32. man this beat is hard as hell

  33. BOOYAKASHA oh shit hahaha thats sum funny shit hot beat tho fucker!!!!

  34. very nice

  35. man that shit hard ass hell

  36. Greadyyyy

  37. This is fire! do ya thang boi…

  38. WHOA!!! FIYAH!!!

  39. this is fucking cool

  40. Nice man feelin this

  41. ya, what he said ^^^


  43. Yea thats that shit..sounds like sum Cassidy would use, murderous hit

  44. expect something from this tonight or soon, posted publicly friday

  45. best beat i’ve heard from you in a while. good shit

  46. Finally dat trunk bumpin 808 bangin southern vibin sound is bak and bak wit a banga fa sho….good lookin on anotha heata big dawg….im not into the sample heavy underground type of beats and everyday thats all there ever is on dis site but ADP come thru in da clutch

  47. finally ADP is back with that sick shit! i love the beat dude,it destroyed my ear drums.literally,i had to go to the thanks a lot for ruining my hearing,you asshole! lmao yo ADP if you read this dude a beat called The Godfather and add some kick ass violins in it.

  48. Awesome beat ADP nice bells and 808 Kicks!

  49. I love the bells and 808 Kicks, this is great and awesome beat!

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