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Sep 07 2008 | BPM: 88 | Producer: 2Deep
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54 Feedback

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Oriental flute sample flipped into a gritty underground beat.

Moods: Epic, Relaxed
Genres: Underground

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54 Feedback to “Samurai”

  1. asdasd

  2. this a top beat

  3. tooo! nice..this is tight..

  4. listen Anno Domini Beats - Samurai this is the same !

    @donkichot, 2deep produces there too :) thats why its the same

  5. gooooood

  6. shit duz work

  7. 2Deep rox!!! Awesome work here man!! keep the flames coming! :D :D

  8. damn great!

  9. Contact address for a duet.
    m.ba2han @

  10. W chuj Dobry

  11. En God En StruMente

  12. elegancki w chuj

  13. Very Honorable production from teh Master 2Deep Very Sharp and Mortally Complete to the end.. Propers & Respect … (with left hand on his Hatori Honzo in his sash and his eyes still on the sensei (slightly bows honoring the track name and Masters skills) Hai

  14. oh yhea man perfect :)

    yall have no ears dis shyt sound lyk a train wreck all dese niqqas on here are fake as hell

    @cubes, no disrespect but this beats dope. but bout fake niggas? hahaha fuu yes man, most these cats dont know squack about music production, most 2deeps shit all the same, sample with same drums n same bass, too low of a frequency to sound good with a a muddy mix

    @cubes, no your just a dumb bitch

  15. no bit jest zajebisty

  16. you screaming soowoop yea i show you blood say a niggas say you shootin go on show some love, i never shed a tear cuz thats a sign of fear niggas steady hatin think my time is here, If you aiming at my chest bettea put 6 in it ridin in a chevy got a few G’s in it please dont check tha trunk got a dead slob in it, yea ill lic a house but i dont rob women

  17. damn nice, i love it

  18. 2deep is the best in shadow
    to mutch feeling
    very good

  19. Kozacki instrumental !

  20. this was the smoothest beats 2deep

  21. its fucking dope

  22. Soo relaxing

  23. The best beat man

  24. nice beats—-> <——

  25. Is the bEst popuasdagsgsgsgs ! C

  26. nice & nice & nice 2Deep, King Of shadowville

  27. Very… very nice 2deep!!! u r very good producer!!


  28. AnnoDomini (Y)

  29. CrazyfyinG!!!

  30. DAym!! CrazyfyinG!!!

  31. ı Like it …

  32. amazing, simply put..

  33. very nice !

  34. this is the best beat on Shadowville… 2Deep is the man!

  35. que beat FODA

  36. naaaa…troppo ripetitivo…(by italy)

  37. goood

  38. Love IT! 5/5

  39. this beat is soo good amazingly smooth.

  40. damn …

    5/5, good job 2deep !

  41. what the hell .. i found this beat on to :S. its called samurai to ..

    strange :/?

  42. nice ;]

  43. epic win right there

  44. hmm, i gotta say this probably is my favorite beat of the week.

  45. I really wanted to give this a 4.5..but I’ll give it a 5 to be nice lol

  46. Massive man..ur MASSIVE…

  47. 2deep for the win

  48. Man, I love that sample. You just keep droppin em 2Deep, n I’ll keep enjoying. Dope as Hell. 5/5.

  49. Oh man, I’m loving this beat! That sample is so nice and the drums are real steady and spittable.. I love 2Deep’s work! 5/5

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