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Jun 03 2006 | BPM: | Producer: Slantize
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20 Feedback

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85 BPM. This is a very Eminem-style produced beat. It has dark pianos and strings over a steady constant bass and drums. Even has a saxophone break.

Moods: Dark, Epic

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20 Feedback to “Dynasty”

  1. iller than a cancer ward…. 10/10

    and do i hear an edirol orchestral alto sax?? lol

  2. i used this beat check it out on

  3. مشكووووووووووووور ههأآأأآأآأي Thaaaanks

  4. hot fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  5. this is crazy it sounds like it sould be on the slim shady lp

  6. shadowville in FORCE

  7. Killer beat man! Im highly thinking about buying a licsense for this one.

  8. eyo…tiz shit soundz lyk itz been made my Dr. Dre … eyo hit me up man u got sum pretty sik beatz…itz lyk a death row dark stormz song wit erry twist u can imagine …u creative man how can u ain’t az big az u should b…i ain’t heard of u…’n i heard of erry body datz hot…..lyk erry body….i just googled somethin’ bout muzik..’n tiz shit came up lolz…kinda got my attention cuz of da wordin’ den i hear it ‘n i’m lyk…who tiz?

    yeh u got alotta songz i’d make a fortune of off..i’m a rapper still workin’ on my album but yeh holla up ‘n bump tiz shit to itz fullest yeh hearD?!

  9. OMG … ,

    This Site is the best with Best Producers eva

    Love ya guys :)

  10. hhhhhhoooooooooootttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!
    its burning like helllllllllll!!!!!!!!

  11. damn yo.. fa real this beat is sick… jus a-freakin-mazing

    nice freakin work man… damn

  12. not feelin it that much

  13. Im shittin bricks with this beat man. Sick as hell

  14. SHIT IS BICK ..

  15. so sick…im throwin up…

  16. dang man thats fucking SICK


  17. fuck it,it’s crazy man shadowville is no.1

  18. 9.4/10

  19. Man, I can fuckin post my lyrics to this beat right here. Yeah, I done this one too. Wit some heat. If ur intrested in hearin it hit me up…
    “You dont know, what its like, to be held, fo yo life, by the tip, of a knife, you might die, here tonight”
    “How it feel, when you cant pay fo a crib,
    When you gotta shoot yo own boys every day so you live?”

  20. I think you have the Evil Eminem style down and locked. Shit, half the time you can do it better than himself. But can you do Pop-ish Eminem like Rainman, or My name is ? That would be a nice change of pace for your eminem style of beats.

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