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ON SALE: $199 | BPM: 95 | Producer: hala-X
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19 Feedback

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Nicely chopped piano and guitar joint with banging drums in an uptempo vibe.

Moods: Happy, Soulful
Genres: Underground

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19 Feedback to “Concrete”

  1. Hey man, this man stole your beat and is profiting from it, and sells discs whit this beat.

  2. jAPIERDOLE jakbym miał takiego DJ jak ty, to scena moja xD 5/5

    welcome to web beat irani
    من یه اهنگساز 18 ساله سبک رپ همستم
    اگه میخاید اهنگامو بشنوسید لطفا به وبلاگم یه سر بزنید

  4. i need a soulful party track from you… kinda like waiting for the dj by talib kweli

  5. i knowth sample is mass producton but what song?

  6. siik beat..reminds me somewhat of dj premierr..lovin this..MORE LIKE THESEE PLEASEEEE

  7. this beat is sooooo gooooood!!!!!

  8. Damn ! the beat is a Boooooooomb ! sick man !

  9. iLL shit on the real this like a song u can chill with on a beutiful day at the park…

  10. amazinnnn i lov this beat nice job hala-x

  11. Yo kid, that iz an ill azz trak. I got an idea.

    Oh yeah, to iflippeditbetter, you ain’t hatin’ like Lebron wasn’t bein’ a poor sport. If you did it so much better, how come ain’t nobody hearin’ it?

    Shush, hater…

  12. not much to say cept BEAST!

    5 stars…….again

  13. this is freakin awesome, i wont ever be able to figure out how hala does x…beats? lol

  14. good for you

    @hala-X, wats the name of the sample? been looking for it for like two yrs

  15. Mass Production, right? I sampled that like four years ago. Nice job, I flipped it better though. Big ups, no hatin…honest

    @iflippeditbetter, wat was the name of the sample?

  16. sickkk

  17. Chopping 101 from the one and ‘ONLY’ Hala-X.

    You amaze me on what you can do to a sample. 5/5.

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