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Serial Killer

Sep 26 2008 | BPM: 93 | Producer: 2Deep
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36 Feedback

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Very dark and deadly sounding bells with grimey drums and deep brass hits.

Moods: Dark

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36 Feedback to “Serial Killer”

  1. yo can u send me this beat to

  2. Please
    LEt it be a free beat

    come on .. I fuck the world with this beat

  3. shytz rotten. keep it up 2deep

  4. freeeeeeeeeeeee plissss ):

  5. i want it sooooooooooo bad :((((

  6. quá hay !

  7. Dead silence :)

  8. bien mais on ces pas la prendre


  10. I think DUO bought this beat.

  11. bueno

  12. ye yeah!!

  13. ewwey

  14. this beat is so dope, please send it to me

  15. Nice Remake Of The Original Beat!!!! Perfect Beat For The Master Of Horror!

  16. yeah this beat is banging but taken to bad man i would luv to drop something crazy on it

  17. man cool it s good … :D! http://www.Myspace.COM/06KomedyeN new track Fixed Time!

  18. we want this beat

  19. this beat was used for one of officer ricky’s freestyle against g-unit..thats why its unavailable…props for SV..even tho ricky ross is a fraud

  20. I may be mistaken but the bells sounds ofly close like this

  21. So freaking nice beat ;) keep up the good work (:

  22. oooooww :D

  23. This Beat Is So Dope Yo

  24. woooow this shit is fuxin crazzzzy 2deep for the best beatmaker

  25. ohhhh man this is crazy
    please,gimmi that !!
    nice nice !

  26. This is great! well done man! I really like this Sh*t!

  27. try n use a different hihat and drum pattern on a beat, ur shits hot but the underlyin beat is the same as all the others.

  28. Yo Deep, another good one mane, but honestly there needs to be more on the hook. I can hear so many more instruments in there to hype it up even more. Peace & Love

  29. damn 2deep!! u killed this one man, 2 words fuckin crazy! keep upthe good work man.

  30. finally someone’s bringing back that wicked sound of shadowville. i miss beats like this, definately one of my all time fav’s. nice work 2deep. keep it comin…

  31. one of the best beaps i ever heard!!!!!

  32. ^ lol……….freakin amazing beat, perfect job 2deep fkn amazing beat!

  33. woh!!! only say woh!!! what the fuck has done this mofu???? real nigga shit!!! incroyable!!!!

  34. I was waiting for this..

  35. This shit Hot For Sure

  36. o yump thats my name serial killa!

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