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Shouldn't Have Trusted

Sep 30 2008 | BPM: 80 | Producer: ADP
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14 Feedback

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String, electric guitar, and heavy synth beat with hard hitting drums.

Moods: Dark

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14 Feedback to “Shouldn't Have Trusted”

  1. Me and my chem homies made a vid with this track bout Cold Fusion.. check it out

    i might use it for the next make a beat contest :P

  2. oh, guess i have heard 1. listened to believe, can’t skip I’m too hot.

  3. 5

  4. ize besides the fact that that comment made no sense ADP this is the best beat ive heard from u period

  5. this beat is amazing i use always beat’s from shadowville because they are amazing, the beats slantize is hard. this beat is harder then hard, it’s great.

    thanks shadowville for the beats.


  6. hot 5/5

  7. Woah! ADP.. You really have developed with your beatmaking. This is probably the best beat I’ve heard from you. Really cool melody!

  8. 4/5

  9. 5!! A Fuckin Five!! I would have gave it six but it wouldn’t let me!

  10. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!

  11. One of the hottest beats I’ve been able to rap to in a while, alot of the others I just couldn’t get into.

  12. Awesome synths Adp! Cool Intro as well.

  13. MAN, I love that string melody. Love the change up on the 3rd verse to the keys. A solid 5 stars.

  14. Straight Gangstaaaa

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