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Girl Of Mystery

Oct 03 2008 | BPM: 118 | Producer: Slantize
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45 Feedback

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Sexy synthy club beat with a pop feel mixed with beautiful strings and piano.

Moods: Inspiring, Sad
Genres: Club, Pop

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45 Feedback to “Girl Of Mystery”

  1. Профессии с трудоустройством:
    Профессия Ландшафтный дизайнер

  2. sick beat! I bought it and recorded the best song ever… BeXXX is comin through!
    download and hear my song “Girl of Mystery”: (through zippyshare, no virus)

    Girl of Mystery


    @bexxxalicious, Nice bexx. IVAN.TZ down under Australia

    @bexxxalicious, hot track girl

  3. this beat is hard i made a track to it called “im all yours” check it out

  4. Nice

  5. awsumm

  6. The Best :)

  7. superb

  8. U r the real hero

  9. on some real i dont care if is on step it up or not this jank hard and imma kill it watch me

  10. she dancing. ! i write the texte for this song… so …in french… !
    elle danse encore,
    danse dans le noir,
    sans projectoir,
    laisse la dansé … x2
    mais laisse la dansé…

  11. Hey guys! Dont Download it!!!
    That beats is used by Step Up 3D, let’s see here

    Dont Download it…

  12. yea i like tis beat


  14. cook coll moruk ölünün götü gibi

  15. so0o hot..ill download dis beat man thank

  16. Dope enuff 4 me 2 use as a female rapper!!!!! Khandii Bhe

  17. This is amazing. nuff said.

  18. Oh that’s nice….

  19. jajaja..

    lol algunos comentarios son de lo mas torpes xp

    pero nada excelente pista…

  20. fuckin cool ;)

  21. eminem feat. d4

  22. this beat is on some crazy s***, this is ver eminem

  23. i gonna make some spit on this beat ppl nice beat

  24. very good beat respekt!

  25. its a hit

  26. C’est du lourd !! Si si

  27. so nice

  28. Lyric:
    i like it….i like it…i like it…
    yeah ! Oh
    Now … i want …. U ( x2 )
    Now I will F… U—–and love forever
    My dream is gangster or angelllllllllll.
    Yeah !
    Double My name is : u and b and i And GGGGG
    Every body say my name is Ubig.
    The end !!!
    It’s funny??
    kaka my feel like it on my Flowl

  29. do it to it

  30. My opinion: Flow Rida Ft. Rihanna. Rihanna singing
    on the second chorus, when it gets higher then lower for Flow Rida to rap on and repeating.

    What a collab it could be with these too.

  31. ey yo check out wat i did
    check out my song at

  32. Slantize, you are god for making beats…

  33. Yo check out what i did to this instrumental.
    like this beat its FIRE!!!!

  34. nice very very nice ı like

  35. PerfeckT
    that’s CooL`

  36. Beat je nje…

  37. Heyy ;)

  38. good


  40. dope as fuck

  41. quik question, what software you guys use to make beats?

  42. oh sweet , a slantize/adp collaberation, freaking sweet, this beat is to sexy!

  43. beautiful strings like u said ^_^


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