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Cherish The Moment

Oct 10 2008 | BPM: 60 | Producer: Slantize
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70 Feedback

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A bittersweet or romantic piano beat with touches of violin and guitar.

Moods: Happy, Sad
Genres: Pop, R&B

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70 Feedback to “Cherish The Moment”

  1. If anyone is willing to share this beat please send me a copy at

    Thank you very much!!

    @dyreal, send me please

  2. Ponla ake se deskargue porfa!! esta muiyy huapa!!!

  3. la potete rimettere in dawnload e davvero molto bella ;) pleaseee

  4. send me this beat

  5. who can send me tj¿his beat is very cool :D

    @shock14, Hello, I was wondering if you got a copy of this beat that you were looking for, if so can you please send me a copy to

    Thank you.

  6. some body send me this beat please


    please send me :)

    sorry is

  7. can anybody send me this beat

  8. available nyo na to

  9. can somebody send me this beat please, it´s very important thanx

  10. I’m so mad i downloaded this beat then wrote a beautiful song to it, then my computer was completely wiped out and i lost the beat. Then when i tried to come back and redownload it, it was unavailable!!! I so need this beat again. If anyone has this beat and is willing to share please be so kind to e-mail it 2 me

  11. Somebody plzplzplz send me this beat !!! Plz


    @filipbarjman, Hello, I am looking for this beat and I was hoping you can help me, if you managed to get a copy can you please send me a copy, thanx

  12. can somebody send me this beat please ;

  13. Somebody send me this beat please!?

    Sorry, but I do not know much English, so I do not know how to ask for it. But here in the Czech compose texts. I would like to make the text on this nice beat. I want to give it as a gift my girlfriend. So if you send it to me to be the nicest gift. It will be from the heart. Thank you in advance.

  14. woooooow….super….very nice beat…

  15. Somebody send me this beat please!?

  16. !!!!

  17. Somebody send me this beat please!?

  18. Can you send me this beat please
    this beat is so beautiful

  19. bu beati yolluyabılcek warmı

  20. or this mail :

  21. hei how r u slantize! who have this beat pls send me =)

  22. i wanna get it ,but finally find do betta keep such a very nice beat in mind

  23. wow
    amazing beat

  24. wow this beat is so nice, i really love it:)

  25. wow this is a nice

  26. anladım çok gzüel vala :D

  27. dis beat is sick man…can i use it fo my r&b song?

  28. Adore It !!

  29. I hate i missed out on leaseing this beat,i was going to use it for my album,i allready did a song over it,its called,.,DONT COME HOME.,.check it at ., Slantize, diggin the hell out of your work,.look forward to buying your beats for years to come,..peace

    @t.l brown, can u send me the beat since u have?

  30. If anyone could send me this beat i would like it:)… I love it!

  31. i also want this beat badly, i can buy it or whatever, whoever has it, please contact me at

  32. yo lo qierooooooooooo

  33. omg this is so great! i thought of words to it so quick then i saw i couldnt download it but other then that your songs rock!

  34. Thiss Beat Iss Dah Bomb!!!
    I Love it
    I even Did a song for it!!!

    Im Lucky I Downloaded b4 it qot unavailable


    Please let me know if i can still get it from somewhere..???

    I so love it!!!

  36. I am so upset it’s not even funny. I wrote a song to this beat months ago but didn’t have the finances to purchase it. And now that I do, it’s bought. Who purchased it?? Have you written an unbeatable song to it?? If not, I’d be willing to negotiate a resale at your benefit.

    Contact me at: with your response please. Thanks.

    P.S. Slantize your freakin AWESOME man….keep doin’ what you do!

  37. =(

  38. contact with me: acept please

  39. I love this beat, I would like to lend it to use it. Please.

  40. yo, slantize tell da dopehouse fam i said wut up and when da remix i’ll really try 2 buy it.

  41. can you send me this beat at thanks

  42. Slantize: Is it possible to get the beat know? I really love It:)

  43. NIce BEat

  44. good thing I downloaded this beat b4 it was unavailable :)

  45. Yo nice beat

  46. very nice beat :D


  48. this is real smooth i like this

  49. good rap!!!

  50. wooooooooooow man ure amazin

  51. I was just sitting here listenin to my own beat again, and I just realized the melody of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ harmonizes perfectly with this beat. I think I’ma have to do a remix of this for the next New Years Day… someone remind me in about a year lol

  52. This is a TIGHT ASS BEAT…Keep It Up….

  53. beatufiull beatz (SirKuT)

  54. I love this beat, allready wrote a song to it!!!

  55. I must honestly Slantize is my favorite Producer on Shadowville And Cherish the moment took me 10 minutes to write a beautiful song to. I’m excited for you and your career I know great music when I hear it. You got. We should work together soon.
    -Ms. Logan

  56. nice beat
    Can’t Believe Its Over

    (VERSE I)

    If i gave you all you needed
    would you stay with me
    if i gave you all you wanted
    would you stay with me
    i just want to hold you tight
    like we did at night
    i just want to have you with me
    and i cant believe


    i cant believe its finally over (over)
    i treat you right
    with all my might
    just cant believe its over

    (VERSE II)

    its so difficult getting through
    being without you
    i think about all the fun we had
    but now its all so sad
    i see you walking now
    with that other guy
    he talks about how he loves you
    thats something i wont buy



    im trying hard to forget you
    thats something i cant do
    i thought we’d always be together
    me and you forever
    i just try to apoligize
    looking in your eyes
    i dont even know what did i do
    to break up me and you


    baby you know that i love you
    you broke my heart in two
    im not even gonna try
    to change your mind

    (CHORUS 2X)
    let me know wat you think

  57. Another love beat almost all I heard from you is a club beat

  58. hey yo cuz this is some dope shit keep doin ur thing, you goin to the top

  59. good job good beat

  60. this is amazing…I think the best work of Slantize…wow
    really god job

  61. sounds a lil like dont matter and some alicia keys

  62. beautiful composition.

  63. This is Hot!!! Can u do one with a similar feel but fits male vocals

  64. This is amazing , awesome job Slantize!!!

  65. wow, this is new, like yea new but i mean unexpected completely, amazing beat

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