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Closed Casket

Oct 15 2008 | BPM: 67 | Producer: Slantize
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28 Feedback

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Mysterious and evil sounding musical box bells on top of deep cellos mixed with synths, organs, choirs, pianos, pizzicato violins, and 808s.

Moods: Dark

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28 Feedback to “Closed Casket”

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  3. dam bro how much fo dis beat ill pay what ever man… iv gota have dis beat im begging u man… ma email is

  4. THIS shit hot right here,Story teller……….

  5. sick beat man no doubt. i got an old school 3-6 feel on this one. kinda like that Spill My Blood junt Scarecrow got on. Kudos. Def puttin this on my mixtape. No profit of course. Keep em comin cuzzo

  6. This beat is ill i was woundering if you can give me a licenses

  7. there’s this song called party up on youtube gay as fuck ruined the beat but imma drop some ill shit on it.. EA5T 5IDE JUGGALO

  8. Dis shit is thuump’n

  9. Me & my homie murdered this shit ” Beef 101″

  10. our version is sicc..checc it out its called “CASKET”

  11. gooood

  12. I know theres somewhere on the internet wit this beat for free…anyone find out…let me know

  13. Ben alcaktım aq ya neyse güzel good good kanka böle devam.. beatlerini çok beyeniyorum

  14. man i really want this beat…i got a reason lol for the “closed casket” but its aight tho slant hit me if u got sumthin else like this one thats up fA dough..fa real

  15. Bizzy Bone Is Makin A Trakk On Dis Beat..

  16. one of my all time favorite beats was the beat u guys had a while back named “music box”…made a track to it.. check it <… might just like it…

  17. ha…sick shit man…u could never find these dark encrypted beats…filled with hate and flow…5/5 homie

  18. The tracks is the shit

  19. so so …

  20. that shit was fire

  21. mr. mr. i feel a chill of doom and gloom from da grave..

  22. i like the synth melody in the chorus and the bells, but the kick is way to tight..other then that nice

  23. noo. put some lyrics on and its a RAP. ha good job slant this beat is the shit 5/5

  24. good craft speaks for its self. now all it needs is some lyrics and its a wrap

  25. 3 words. OH MY GOD, WOW, that shit is AMAZING. Yea 8 words, but HOLY shit. 1000/1000.

  26. God Damn!

  27. dope as fuck

  28. Damn, I love this sound.. You make truely amazing melodies Slant.. Every beat I hear from you is allways crafted with such perfection and dedication to detail.. Every instrament you use blend seamlessly with each other.. Great work! 5/5

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