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Armed To The Teeth

Oct 24 2008 | BPM: 88 | Producer: ADP
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19 Feedback

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Dark, high paced beat with deadly sounding bells and synths.

Moods: Dark, Frantic
Genres: Gangsta

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19 Feedback to “Armed To The Teeth”

  1. Amazing beat, hey could someone tell me what’s the song that has this beat?

  2. ADP Thanks for a good bit:)

  3. very eminemish

  4. this beat! POLAND!

  5. holla ADP.. mayn your shyt is f-ckin awesome!! it sets up a nice thug theme!! just the perfect one to experiment on!! keep rockin hommie!!

    DaRk SaInT

  6. ADP..Justin Tibmberlake lookin ass…Ur shit is off the rack homie. THIS track is bangin..i got sum shit to it. “Go gette” is fuckin insane. Homies are all over it. I recorded a (promo) track to ur “my hot wifey” THE DOPEST SONG IVE RECORED.Party animals fuckin lovin it. keep doin what you do.peep game.

  7. Hot. Tryin 2 make a mixtape an might use it if its ok

  8. i dont like that…sry, its shit, then it isnt gangsta ehj

  9. we ask the pardon for not literacy, but I wanted to ask the advice, as in general all musicians of this site do instrumentals?
    On what program, and as?

  10. yep yo beats hit im gone need you later

  11. Yo, I spit to this shit. Fuckin’ awesome. Check it out.

  12. I like it! I will make one Gang Track! hahahah

  13. This souns very cool man! Real Gangsta!

  14. Now this is what you call GANGSTA. 5/5.

  15. whattt!!! this is hard as fuck

  16. i love that sound effect after every bar. shits grindin

  17. ahhhh i love it…time to get to work on throwin some vocals on this.

  18. hot . don’t mind if i try it,don’t ya?;))

  19. This is straight fire!!!!! Excellent work ADP!

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