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As The World Burns

Nov 06 2008 | BPM: 97 | Producer: Smoke
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28 Feedback

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Uptempo and dark beat with pianos, bass saws, and a bit of strings.

Moods: Dark, Epic

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28 Feedback to “As The World Burns”

  1. sick beat, check out my new song …..

  2. by far one of the best track ever!! it can have a video theme from the movie 2012..

  3. خايس اللحن

  4. it’s ***********************

  5. good

  6. u wanna kiss some one

  7. yeah like it!

  8. Perfect beats

  9. good!

  10. nice

  11. this beat so crazy -really great job - smoke if you make part2 of this beat its gonna be okay -100/100

    @samferra, HI I GREE WITH U the sound of this beat make any one hear it happy and so excited

  12. ne dionuz amına koyayım

  13. هههههههههههههههههههههههههه يجي هذا اللحن غنا عليها مونتير

  14. freeesh to deaaath. Kid Smoke is a BEAST

  15. KIllA Man ItS KillA.

  16. name of a very good rap album by the arsonists.

  17. sik shit bro. clean ass beat

  18. eta wapa

  19. Yo dis gotta be onna the best beats ive ever heard .5/5 homie.$traight FIRE

  20. welcome to the family man

  21. i agree best one so far, sick.

  22. wow. all I can say.
    And, goddamn.

  23. sick beat man !!.. hope to hear more from you !!! =] 5/5

  24. real hip hop doggy, like shadow said, the best outta the three.

    keep the fiya up bredrin

  25. outta the three you put up, this IS the best one so far, 5/5 great beat man very very good.

  26. oh shhhhhheeeet this is sexy, u got some sick works

  27. Welcome to Shadowville!!! I like this beat awesome job!

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