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Back Then

Jun 03 2006 | BPM: 74 | Producer: hala-X
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18 Feedback

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Country guitars and a bit of string with a positive jazzy vibe in major key.

Genres: East Coast, Urban

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18 Feedback to “Back Then”

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    welcome to web beat irani
    من یه اهنگساز 18 ساله سبک رپ همستم
    اگه میخاید اهنگامو بشنوسید لطفا به وبلاگم یه سر بزنید

  3. it has that laid back feel good vibes…you’re tha best hala

  4. Love it, wrote lyrics for it lookin to get it out

  5. this shit mad hot best one I have seen so far but I really like how it starts like soft then mad hot

  6. i love it. i think the repetetivness actually makes the track better. depends how the MC treats it

  7. killa, im feelin it, good ishh

  8. wtf

  9. this sounds lika MF DOOM beat

  10. yeeea, happy beatss, luv itt, could see twista on it i guesss

  11. Awesome beat! Just licensed it :)

    I got lyrics to this song that’s gonna make ya flip.

    O. L.,

  12. not really feelin it it sounds like one of those sesme street songs

  13. Good direction with the beat, or actually the style you goin with, but like they said, too repeditive…but still you got more talent then me..hehe

  14. ok..not your best…8.5/10 ceariful for me..

  15. lol Hala flipped this not slantize

  16. right outta deliverance with this one…..

  17. wtf made me think slantize flipped this :S
    still gets an 8.6

  18. sounds like somethin Hala-X woulda flipped better. The repition here is kinda fast so its not at top form. good work tho slant. Versatlity there.

  19. this shit is fire.

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