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What Is Life

Nov 11 2008 | BPM: 91 | Producer: Slantize
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118 Feedback

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Deep romantic, sad, and/or reminiscent type track with guitars, pianos, bells, and violins and sampled vocal chorus.

Moods: Sad

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118 Feedback to “What Is Life”

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  11. I spit a track to this way back when it was up.. Was gonna buy it then it was unavailable..
    Sucks, I was getting alottt of amazing feedback off the track too. Sick beat Slantize.

  12. this is great! the best beat in the world! could U send it me to ? again… It’s awesome! I love this!!!

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  15. If you could send me this beat to : it would be facking amazing dude:D

  16. Hey dude, can you please send me this beat? I love it and if it is okay for you, can i please use it in one of my songs? I will give you creeds on youtube for this beat man:D

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  21. heyyy um…. is it just me or does this beat that i did this song to sound like this beat?

  22. Can someone send me this beat
    i want to do this song for a friend that i grew up with that passed away. please and thankyou

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  24. Du hast sehr guuute bits ;)


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  27. music cultural milestone <333

    one peace man from norway <33

  28. that is the best beat I have ever heard !

  29. yeah.. How can i download this beat without available…i’m vietnamese… plz… share together..

  30. why is this beat unavailable? How can I download this beat?

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  44. yo on sum g -ish thats the hotties beat i heard on dis website real talk i was woundring how to cop that join of u my dude geta back at me asap


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  45. nice 1 man.but i cant grab it its un available i have the right lyrics for this 1.
    “what is life?”

  46. very nice beats

  47. so fuckin nice mainnnnnnnnnnn

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  49. Wow… Super beat… I want downlaod this beat,Please….

  50. why is it unavailible?!? i need to murder this track!!! =(

  51. its unavailble :”((((((((((

  52. fuckin good for nuthin love tracks… beat nicely made anyway

  53. this beat is impressive… how can i download it? Please contact me: Thank’s

  54. ow yes that beat is so dope
    i looking a long time to vind it
    how can i download it

  55. Shit! Good beat!

  56. this is soul…all soul. exquisite

  57. this bit amazing..
    I dont know what to sayy 1000\1000

  58. diz iz the best beat on diz sittee itz a masterpiece if any gives it less dan 5 datz crazy

  59. i want this beat to XD

  60. Fuck off ! I want this beat :(
    Sell it to me ;P

  61. Whoa.. I loved this one alot Slant.. Again this beat cannot be compared to any other.. Its a shame its un available lolz’ :(

  62. good

  63. damn if u make a beat similar to this style id buy that quick fast lmao!!!! this is way off the scales i like this one.

  64. Yo Dis Beat IS sooo GOOD… I rEALLY like IT….

  65. Were i can find that beats ??? i search on but,,no result ?? :(

  66. This really could be on the radio right now. just the beat haha

  67. Mi a ‘Whitout you’ alapra spanommal csináltunk 1 számot…csak mivel a szöveg eredtileg nem erre azz alapra lett iirva elég szar lett…plusz ő a csinált 1 számot a ‘How you make me feel’-re…most dolgozunk több számon is, azt majd meglátjuk h mi lesz belőle… :D :P

  68. Én is gondolkozok hasonló dalok feldolgozásában… :)

  69. Igen :) Ez is lehet, mint a Fine Frenzy - Almost Lover dalszövegében :)

  70. pkapa

    I think it says :
    “I never wanna see you unhappy
    I thought you want the same for me!!!”

    I’m hungarian, too…XD
    (és én így hallom!!!:D)

  71. Beatss Sooo Filthy! Real Talk… Fire in My Eardrums

  72. good…beat :-) :-)

  73. pkapa!

    If I heard it well, so it says:
    “I never wanna be you unhappy,
    I don’t you want to say for me.”

    I know the meaning of these words in my lang.:
    “Soha nem akarlak boldogtalannak látni,
    Nem akarom, hogy ezt mond nekem!”

    I’m hungarian so forgive me if it isn’t correct :)

  74. pkapa!

    If I heard it well, so it says: I know the meaning of these words in my lang.:

    “I never wanna be you unhappy, “Soha nem akarlak boldogtalannak látni,
    I don’t you want to say for me.” Nem akarom, hogy ezt mond nekem!”

    I’m hungarian so forgive me if it isn’t correct :) _______

  75. This is definately amazing!!! Reminds me of the first time I heard without you

  76. Craziest beat i’ve heard yet. Lovin da sample dude!

  77. OMG SLANT thiss beat is amazing!!!

    brourght a tear to my eye lol

    u know when u hear somthing n you get that sharm tigneling feelin…well this beat is THAT!!



  78. mate thats sick shit you got goin on there

  79. Damnnnn Fuckn Great man ! 1000000/1000000 .

    Cherish The Moment is Awsome too , just wow .


  81. Amazin!! Shit made me sad homie n now im playin it on loop, lol! Shits too good g, top man. Londons Listenin, stay blessed…


  82. *In the beat “Without You”, what it says to 03:09 minutes?

  83. Slantize, help me plz…

    In the beat “Without You”, it says to 03:09 minutes?


  84. great beat!

    i loved… ;)

  85. words cant express this beat i swear its fucking sick soz bout the language

  86. Oh My Goodness, Slantize Never Disapoints Me With These Emotional Beats. This Is By Far One Of My Fav Beats Ever From You. I Can Def Make SomeThing Depp With Much meaning To This Wonderful Beat. Your Style Is UnTouched, Thanks.

  87. wow man shit iz hella hot

  88. ya know everyone uses samples

  89. very very wunderful amazing

  90. shit this one can make a hit whitout no dought

  91. 27 comments in 1 day wow

  92. wow… absolutley amazing…

  93. this shit here is nasty..all your beats are nasty homie

  94. respect

  95. yo this beat is real.. keep that flame comin slant

  96. 100% beat ,crazy except voice on the hook!

  97. DOPE.

  98. i think its a really good beat

    petter, i believe slantize worked with the sample very creatively because I can hear extra instruments in it like the strings and bells and pianos, compared to the original sample

  99. man if you had been playing the sampled things to you would get my vote. sorry bro

  100. very sad but good

  101. @petter
    Nah, here’s a link to the original song for those interested:

  102. u played the guitar aswell?

  103. damn dude, sounds like sum elton john typ shit, haha, niccceee work bro!! ur sampling keeps gittin better and better! ;)

  104. this is quite possibly my favorite beat right now

  105. wow Slant, this beat is amazing
    truly love this one
    nice work man 100/100

  106. Voltas-te a faze-lo Slantize! Foda-se, granda beat!!!

    Muito Respeito por ti!!

    So much love from Portugal!!

  107. slant ur the only producer on this website that gets a str8 5 now n then on your beats i ve noticed that the past 2 years

  108. THX a lot…!!!

  109. You held my hand, and then u slipped away
    And I may never see your face again
    So tell me how to fill the emptiness inside
    Without love, what is life?

  110. Can anybody tell me what exactly tha lyrics of tha chorus is?? :D

  111. Man…I can’t say nothin’ after listenin’ this beat…It’s so nice n tru!!!

  112. im having convulsions slant ,the shit is crazy man

  113. its ok to let the tears pour out tim but dont cry infront of me,i’ll think your a homo.

    wow Shadowville should have more beats like this.the hook was good and definently went with the song well.

  114. Nice.


  116. yes i loved this beat

  117. damn man
    this beat could make a grown man cry after breaking up wit his girl

    without love, what is life?

  118. Lol, what a fuckin beat. Had me drooling. 100/100.

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