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Nov 23 2008 | BPM: 79 | Producer: Smoke
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11 Feedback

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Exotic pizzicato violins with electric guitars and stomp-clap drums.

Moods: Dark
Genres: Club

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11 Feedback to “Reckless”

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  3. this is great… YEAHHHH…

  4. i love this, gotta be my favourite of your beats

  5. love the intro… awesome beat, keep it up

  6. Beautiful man. Great talent. Glad u’re a part of the team!

  7. Good shit, love this one

  8. smoke wuz good…u and adp need to smash out some inspirational southern bangers. i like some of ur beats howevr i feel like the eminem style drums on this make it feel like an east coast beat. u and a d p seem to understand the different sounds between regions. i appreciate u puttin most southern soundin tracks up cuz us south dudes only get one new beat a week and more than half da time its lame or over ruled by a pop/ urban/ r&b beat whereas every day there a new UG/ EC beat. u make any trap music beats?

  9. Badman beat 4.7 outa 5 ur a G producer

  10. yeah, damn good work smoke, i like tha beat! oh, and just to throw it out there, i like ur beats and i know you specialize in dark beats, but you’ve put out almost 10 now and they’ve all been dark, consider switchin it up a lil bit, you know, throw some variety around, take a shot at somethin new! anywayz, nice work Smoke, keep it up

  11. The Pizzicato Violins are great!!! Excellent work Smoke!

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